Safe & Sound

First Year Film Screening
Friday, April 5, 2024 | 7:00 PM | FREE
Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema
SFU Goldcorp Center for the Arts
149 W. Hastings St., Vancouver

Please join us for an evening of new films by first year SCA film students.  

With films by Nabat Adigozal, Aria Amirmoini, Goran Arenas, Arya Yazdani Biuki, Sherine Chan, Erin Docherty, Mason Flint, Megan Gibbons, Lianne Guo, Siobhan Heritage, Jack Hogg, Maggie Johnson, Mikayla Luchinski, Ryan McEachern, Akhil J Narayanan, Dana Elizondo Pulido, Soléne Pango Salas, Cheryl Shiu, Aubin Spitzer, Maya Wong, and Sasha Zhuravlova.



A collaborative film by the class of CA131. Made with 16mm found footage and an array of materials to manipulate the image including bleach, paint, markers and scratch animation.

Akhil J Narayanan

Five people weave their way through a seemingly normal art gallery exhibition, until someone disrupts the preexisting structure, plunging them into a dilemma they must overcome.

Siobhan Heritage
Before & After

A memory shared by three close friends proves to be more significant than they could have imagined.


Erin Docherty

A washed-up musician at rock bottom reluctantly agrees to help an optimistic stranger with a project, leading to an unlikely bond despite their seemingly contrasting perspectives.

Cheryl Shiu

A conversation between a girl and her diary.

Arya Yazdani-Biuki
Ctrl + Delete

As Reeve embarks on a perplexing journey to unravel the enigma of his altered consciousness due to a mysterious cognitive phenomenon known as "Real-Time Neural Editing," he soon finds that he can stop recently experienced events from being rearranged in his mind by stopping the time on his watch, unaware of the dire consequences that lie ahead.

Sherine Chan
When Wish Falters

One step forward on the almost lonesome journey of wish seeking.


Aubin Spitzer
High Achiever

An unlikely university companionship will go as far as it takes for academic success.

Nabat Adigozal
Low Place Like Home

A day in the life of a shallow actress who’s always on the brink of making it.

Maya Wong
In the Stars

A teen girl randomly meets a boy outside of a chaotic house party and with the help of her friends must determine whether their connection was genuine or not.

Lianne Guo
Death's Vacation

A film student who has stayed up for one too many nights sees Death. In a last-ditch effort to prevent her untimely end, she asks Death for a way out of dying….


Jack Hogg
The Closure

Documentarian Pet Jives interviews community members on an ongoing sidewalk closure, which slowly reveals itself to be the source of everyone's problems.

Ryan McEachern

Two friends have a conversation while they’re at work.

Mikayla Luchinski
Bus Stop

A strange conversation between two strangers at a bus stop.

Mason Flint

A young girl struggles to grasp the reality of her grandmother's passing.

Megan Gibbons
Talk to You

A university student struggles to overcome his anxiety when approached by a friendly peer.

Maggie Johnson
A Matter of Convenience

When Riley begins to rethink his friendship with Sam, He learns he's moving and debates if he should tell Sam or simply disappear.


Sasha Zhuravlova
Dancing Through the Darkness

A girl goes through a mental breakdown but comes to senses when she begins dancing.

Dana Elizondo Pulido
El Mar También es Tuyo

A young woman undergoes her sister's disappearance, navigating the silent grief of loss and injustice.

Soléne Pango Salas
The Dog Dealer

Jayden puts himself in a dangerous situation when he impulsively steals the dog he was supposed to fairly buy off a sketchy dealer he encountered online for his mother. Now he finds himself stuck inside his car with the dog on the passenger seat and his keys in the hands of the dealer who is charging towards his car.

Goran Arenas
They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of the Salmon

Two close friends simultaneously undergo an existential crisis as they are about to commit an act of eco-terrorism.

Aria Amirmoini

A girl decides go to a mysterious destination, a place where people can begin a new life. She goes on this journey with the help of a guy who takes people there for a living, however, she gets cold feet halfway through.


April 05, 2024