As well as providing an enriched interdisciplinary context for study, the MA in Comparative Media Arts prepares students for work as curators, cultural programmers, arts administrators, arts writers, and other careers in the arts. It also prepares students for a range of PhDs that study the fine and performing arts.

Mar Alzamora

MA Graduate Student

Experimentation, poetry, moving image, and my doublebass have always accompanied my life, but after I became a certified Deep Listening practitioner, my creative practice changed drastically. The DL community taught me how to reconnect with the world through sound embodiment. For years, I have dedicated my experimental interdisciplinary practice to the relationship between the city, sound, and memory; my sensory experiences in the city through soundwalks and sonic meditations.

Mozhdeh Bashirian

MA Graduate Student

My BA degree is in Film Directing and I have some experience in film making—fiction and documentary. I value both, purely creative and purely academic aspects of arts. I am interested in exploring the unexplored and to find out what possibilities are beyond the familiar conventions. At present, the notable disinterest/skepticism toward film theory and postmodernist approaches in Iran, just motivates me more for further study in these fields.


Hardi Bhila

MA Graduate Student

Emily Clarke

MA Graduate Student

Exploring the influential role of interdisciplinary arts in early education. Examining the features that make involvement with the arts from a young age the most powerful factor to success both in and out of school. By developing programs and creating a foundation that focusses on nurturing artistic ambition and creativity, we can strive to make a lifelong impact. 

Wei-Hsin Lee

MA Graduate Student

Wei-Hsin Lee is a young scholar based in Taiwan. She began pursuing MA degree in the School of Contemporary Arts since 2019. She has worked as an apprentice in a photography gallery in Taiwan and has curated an open-call show named Text and Photography. She has participated in film festival as an assistant programmer and an administrator. She is now an editor in a SCA peer-reviewed journal, Comparative Media Arts, and is organizing for the upcoming issue, Relations.

Her research interest includes cinema studies, curating and programming, and the visual arts. Her current research is about the meticulous programming of short films, using attraction theory and process philosophy to investigate the creative emergence of moving images. Weihsin is also interested in sustaining the vibrancy of cultural events and artist-run organizations in urban life.

Joseph Malbon

MA Graduate Student

I’m an MA student at Simon Fraser University focusing on pirate radio and protest culture. I’m also a musician and lens based multi-media artist. During my undergrad I focused on the broadcast arts, founding the pirate radio station Fernwood Autonomous Radio 90.1 FM which was subsequently shut down by the CRTC. Following this I moved to Vancouver in 2012 to establish myself within the art and music scene.

I have worked with musicians, designers and creatives to share both their vision and my own. My work has appeared in Exclaim, Beatroute and Adbusters and my work has screened at the Dead on Film Festival and Rent Cheque.

Allison Mander-Wionzek

MA Graduate Student

Allison Mander-Wionzek completed her BA in art history with a minor in fine art at the University of British Columbia in 2010, where she focused on European and North American art from the early modern through contemporary periods and often wrote about disruptions to making created by the emergence of new technologies. She also cultivated a practice in printmaking and installation art, which has since branched into a practice of bookmaking. Upon graduation she was awarded the Malaspina Printmakers’ Residency.  

Since graduating from UBC, Allison has operated as a cultural practitioner and educator in Vancouver. She has formerly functioned as the manager of several private galleries, acted as Director/Curator of a project space called Black & Yellow and functioned as Board President at Access Gallery for two terms. She is particularly interested in supporting the sustainability of non-profit organizations, including artist-run centres and is currently pursuing coaching certification to amplify her impact as a consultant to organizations and an advocate of diversity and inclusion in the creative sector.

More recently, Allison’s research interests have focused on alternative approaches to education. She completed a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology at UBC and has pursued research in the realm of queering religious exegesis and critically engaging with spiritual institutions as sites of learning.

At SFU Allison is excited to be supported to think across the lines of media as she looks to critically engage with the contemporary moment.

Joshua Marquis

MA Graduate Student

Doaa Mohammed

MA Graduate Student

My research interests focus on the exploration of race and female agency in contemporary horror films, and dance as a movement to reclaim cultural identity and dismantle white supremacy within marginalized communities.

Israt Taslim

MA Graduate Student

Alexandra Tsay

MA Graduate Student

Alexandra Tsay is an independent curator based in Almaty and interested in the conjunction between art and politics, art and memory. She is a founder of Open Mind project that aims to raise critical discussions around contemporary art in Kazakhstan through curated exhibitions and interdisciplinary academic research. Alexandra is interested in independent artistic agency and art practices that challenge the power and create new narratives and discourses in not so open societies of Central Asia. Alexandra is an alumna of University of Warwick.

Emira Ugan

MA Graduate Student

I am Emira Ugun from Istanbul and a recent graduate of Arts and Cultural Management BA from Istanbul Bilgi University. I am currently working as the creative assistant in Pilot Gallery and as a teacher assistant at Istanbul Bilgi University for the “Exhibition Practice I & II” classes.

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Junjie Wang

MA Graduate Student

I am Junjie Wang from China. I have been learning dance for more than ten years. I am passionate about all art forms. Last year, I conducted a four-month survey in rural areas of China to study intangible cultural heritage dance. Now I am studying dance aesthetic education and dance copyright law. I want to develop my body, explore all the possibilities of body movements, go to different regions and countries to try different dance styles.

Katie Hyeseung Yeo

MA Graduate Student

Katie Hyeseung Yeo completed her BA in cinema studies at Simon Fraser University in 2019. Her research interest lies in the field of media and politics. Specifically, she will examine cinema that deals with political content and survey its role regarding its impact on politics and the public.



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