While we try to support independent events by SCA students in SFU's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts (GCA), the SCA has only limited capacity for events beyond what we run as part of the normal academic year, which is primarily full of events that are connected to undergraduate SCA courses, SCA graduate work, and events initiated by SCA faculty.

In addition, the GCA is not only home to the SCA, but also to SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs (SFUW) and SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement, and is regularly used by SFU's Meeting, Event and Conference Services to host events in the GCA's venues for SFU proper. All of this activity makes for a busy schedule for the GCA and its venues, as well as for the staff of Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Production and Event Services (GCAPES), which provides technical and front-of-house staff for most events, and also operates the GCA's box office.   

How to Propose an Event

Amidst all of this activity, however, there is a process for current SCA students and the SCA student unions to propose small-scale events, depending on the availability of remaining time, space, and support beyond the SCA's existing schedule.  

Please note: All events require lead time, especially events that are separate from the SCA's typical schedule of events. To best improve the chances of your event finding support, it's necessary to begin making your proposal at least three-months in advance.  

Here are the steps to propose an event at the SCA:

  1. Find an SCA faculty member or one of the SCA student unions to sponsor your event.
  2. The sponsor will need to work with you to complete an Internal SCA Event Proposal form.
  3. The completed Internal SCA Event Proposal form will be forwarded to the SCA's Programming Committee, which will evaluate the proposal and consider the availability of time, space, and support.
  4. If the SCA's Programming Committee accepts the Event Proposal, the SCA Production & Events Manager will follow up to talk through the technical needs, venue plan, and all other related plans and requirements for the event, including SCA promotion.  
  5. Have a good time!

SCA Event Planning


Production & Events Manager: