Production & Design Class Works

November 29 – December 1, 2023
Lobby Video Array – SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 W. Hastings St., Vancouver

Edited documentation of various projects made by students in CA 276 and CA174 in the fall term of 2023

CA 276 is centered around moving image-making from analog approaches to digital, including stop-motion, video capture, rotoscope, Photoshop, and Aftereffects, as well as a bit of AI image generation. Some projects involve projecting on surfaces and in context to live body.

CA 174 is a studio class that explores how objects transform in relationship to body, space, and story. Much of our exploration may be categorized as mask-making, costume-making, puppetry, and toy theatre. We will focus on rapid prototyping, scalability, and the performing objects, leading to presentations of individual and collaborative projects

CA 276: Rotoscoping Project

Dancer: Lily Wallman
Video footage: James Dovolis

Micro Ink Texture Project

Fall 2023 cohort: Czarina Agustines, Colleen Bayati, Ellis Cho, Miranda Collard, Eve Couldry, James Dovolis, Sarah Finn, Jessica Kwon, Caroline Liffmann, Patrick Maka, Jenny Min, Chloe Ng, and Maddy Woodley.

CA 174: Cardboard Project

Fall 2023 cohort: Hannah Azam, Marianne Benoit-Gagnon, Kady Brandel, Liz Bruce, Shyam Chand, Edison Cheung, Madison Gibson, Jae Gonzales, Shany Hur, Jillian Jarin, Claire Jia, Alexandra Lang, Zoë Larson, Ruby Maher, Sally Mao, Nolan McCartan, Maria Morin, Makena Ram, Dean Thivierge, Tamlin Vetter, Xinyi Wang, and Michael Zhong.

December 01, 2023