Black Box 3: RABBIT HOLE

December 8 + 9, 2022 | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM | FREE
SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St., Vancouver

The final iteration of the Black Box triptych inspired by the theme of Dream Logic, presented as a set of installations throughout SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts.

Collaborators: Sean Bray, Marissa Capron, Athena Chan, Katie Gherasim, Lauren Han, Lachlan Harris-Fiesel, Jillian Jarin, Ruby Maher, Halima Moola, Rosemary Morrison, Cynthia Su, Ryan Tsang, Aisha Wewala, Ruby Wu, Chaeri Yoon, and Will Zorzos.

Assistant Professor Theatre Performance: Erika Latta
Teaching Assistant: Alexandra Caprara 
Production Coordinator: Gillian Hanemayer


Sean Bray

Sean Bray is a 5th year theatre performance student. While in the SFU program they've performed in THE WILD INSIDE, as well as THE GOAT or WHO IS SYLVIA. Performance is the medium that, through much trial and more error, they've come to love. They've loved working with the black box ensemble and hope you enjoy the performances accomplished by the group!

Marissa Capron

Originally from The Bahamas, Marissa Capron is a performer, artist, creative writer, and poet. She found her love for the stage after winning all of her high school elocution competitions year after year. She became a national winner in 2019 at E. Clement Bethel National Arts Festival in Drama, Dr. 30 Individual Verse Speaking. Currently in her second year at Simon Fraser University majoring in Theatre performance, Marissa enjoys engaging into a new persona each time she performs. In her creative practice, she wants to further explore these mannerisms and seeks to shift the mood in a space. She aspires for her audiences to be impacted by her performances and discover what they can interpret from them.

Athena Chan

Athena Chan is a Hong Kong artist who has been involved with Hong Kong Youth Art Foundation, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, and Watch Music Ltd. as an actress, singer, and voice over artist. Intrigued by the way humans work, interact, and express themselves, Athena strives to combine this fascination with her love for acting to become a successful Drama Therapist who could help others through the medium of acting and other expressive art forms.

Katie Gherasim

Katie began her stage journey at the young age of eight. She joined the Globe Theatre School in 2013 and hasn’t looked back! Katie made her debut with The Globe Theatre’s Young Company in the production of Concord Floral and with The Circle. Katie loves to immerse herself in artistic pursuits on and off the stage; her latest cutting and gluing tiny pieces of paper that result in art, also known as collaging. Katie’s an improv enthusiast, who was a fierce commentator at the improv games. Katie hopes that tonight’s performances don’t give you nightmares. 

Lauren Han  

Lauren is a performer, maker, and all-around art weirdo from Mohkínstsis on Treaty 7 territory. Things they dream about: shopping malls, babies, and trying to get places. Things they dream of: revolution and making art with (and for) the people they love. You can see her in Enceladus Below, directed by Matthew Toffoletto, at the SCA this November.

Lachlan Harris-Fiesel  

Lachlan Harris-Fiesel (he/him/his) is an actor, singer, and aspiring musician. He is currently a second year Theatre Performance student attending Simon Fraser University. Lachlan is excited to continue his involvement in performing arts at the SCA, since his performance in Sterling Weran’s Capstone project, Brotherhood, last year. Raised just outside of the beautiful Canadian Rockies, on Treaty 7 territory, Lachlan strives to integrate humanity’s relationship to the natural world and how it affects our lives into his artistic practice. In his spare time you can find Lachlan skiing, hiking or writing music. You can find his band, Dolce Alba, on Spotify and Apple Music.  

Jillian Jarin

Jillian Jarin (she/her) is a Filipino-Canadian artist who believes in the art of entertainment. She has acted and directed over three original plays/performances, one being Wooden Plate in Playmaking. Jillian enjoys exploring all types of mediums in the visual arts, and her passion for film sparked at a young age. She dreams to one day star or even direct her own movie. Jillian strives to use the interdisciplinary to expand her creativity and break boundaries. Above all, Jillian wants to be remembered for being a kind and honest person (with stylish outfits) and of course making iridescent and impactful performances.


Ruby Maher

Ruby Maher is an actor, dancer, singer, and aspiring creator. Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Ruby finds inspiration in the vitality of nature. She is currently a second-year Theatre Performance Major, attending Simon Fraser’s School of Contemporary Arts. In her spare time, you can find her teaching children’s dance classes and directing youth musical theatre productions at her local studio. Ruby is a passionate performing artist, who strives to implement her creative outlook on life and her interdisciplinary background into every artistic piece she creates. She wants to thank you for joining us and attending the Blackbox Performances. 

Halima Moola  

Born and raised in the vibrant, diverse land that is rich in cultures, religions and traditions. Halima Moola is an Indian, Muslim woman from South Africa. She is a third-year international student that you could’ve seen in the SCA film, Artificial Eden. She aspires to take her knowledge and experiences to educate and bring impactful awareness of her life, heritage and religion.

Rosemary Morrison

Rosemary Morrison (she/her) is a theatre artist born and raised in Mohkínstsis on Treaty 7 territory. Rosemary is a lover and doer of all things performance. When she’s not at school, you can find her working with Tightrope Impro Theatre’s Improv for Wellness or teaching kiddos at Carousel Theatre for Young People. You’ll catch her playing at improv shows around Vancouver, and you can see her performing in Enceladus Below at the SCA this November. She thanks you for coming to Blackbox, and if you see her around, say hi! 

Cynthia Su

Cynthia (he/she) is a Chinese-Vietnamese performance artist from Tkaronto (colloquially known as Toronto), territory under the Williams Treaties and Treaty 13. Cynthia is a third year theatre performance student and has an interest in collective creation and integrating lived histories into performance.

Ryan Tsang

Ryan Douglas Tsang (he/him) is Chinese-Caucasian, born and raised in the traditional territory of the Katzie First Nations. He is an actor with training in both film and theatrical performance and a special passion for the mystical, mythical and majestic. He hopes that whatever happens in the magic of the performance that you leave having had a good time.

Aisha Wewala

Aisha Wewala (she/her) is a Sri Lankan-Canadian, born and raised on the traditional territory of the Katzie First Nations. She is an interdisciplinary artist, with training in theatre, dance, and music. Aisha enjoys incorporating her passion for dance, music, and physical theatre into her work, which can be seen in her piece A Letter to a Friend (2022) for Playmaking. She likes exploring the possibilities in questioning what makes something a performance. Aisha's favorite type of dreams are the ones where they feel so real that you wake up disappointed and try to go back into the dream.

Ruby Wu

Ruby is a Taiwanese emerging artist.  She has collaborated as a backstage assistant and light manager at Vancity Culture Lab and BGM Dance Studio. She was involved in her high school theater company as a performer and costume designer. She is in her second year at the School for Contemporary Arts pursuing a Theater Performance degree.  She loves dance and has entered competitions specializing in KPOP. This is her first public performance at SCA and she is excited to work with everyone on the show.

Chaeri Yoon  

Chaeri is a Korean artist as well as an actor who is deeply interested in human behaviors, voices, and their characters. She loves character acting and intense visceral live performance. She is seeking out many other aspects of performing arts and is  thrilled to work collaboratively with the team.

Will Zorzos

Emmanuel ‘Will’ Zorzos is a Greek Canadian composer, performer, and interdisciplinary artist. His work has been performed in the SFU Music and sound festival, the West Coast Composers symposium and the Ascension Dance Festival. He has performed with the World Music Program in venues like the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York. When composting Will employees electro acoustic production, live performance, field recordings, and found sound objects. In his music he tries to explore the concepts of space, memory, physical embodiment, and how sound is in dialogue with these concepts.

December 09, 2022