Undergraduate Transfer Credit Form

If you are bringing transfer credit to SFU and would like it to be reviewed to see if it can apply to your SCA undergraduate program requirements, please fill out the form below. Please keep in mind SFU’s Residency Requirements which limit the amount of transfer credit(s) that can be applied towards a program and a degree.

This review process does not guarantee that your transfer credit(s) can be used towards your SCA program.

Note that this form is not to request a re-evaluation of the transfer credit(s) SFU awarded you. If you would like to appeal the transfer credit(s) you are awarded, please fill out the Transfer Credit Appeal Form. It is also not a review for WQB credit(s). The process to request a WQB review of your transfer credit(s) can be found here.

SFU Email preferred
I confirm that I want my transfer credit(s) reviewed towards my program. I understand that this review does not guarantee that my transfer credit(s) can be used towards my SCA program.