Faculty Resources

Internal SCA Event Proposal form

Access the online Internal SCA Event Proposal form HERE.

The SCA Production Coordinator ( will follow up with you about your submission as soon as possible (approximately 2-3 business days) to talk through your technical needs and venue plan and to discuss any necessary requirements and processes for organizing ticketing, Front of House support, ushers, catering, and any other event-related plans and requirements.   


Please use this online form to book equipment for classroom use, both for semester long and standalone requests. Please allow a minimum three business days to process your request.

Access the online Equipment Booking form HERE (requires SFU email account).

Please note: this is for SCA Faculty, Term Lecturer, Sessional Instructor, and Teaching Assistant use only.

Grad Studies Resources

Access several PDFs and links that provide guidelines and assistance about the SCA's Graduate Programs, SFU's Graduate rules and regulations, and about engaging with Graduate Students HERE (requires SFU email account).