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Please read this short text on the ongoing protests in Iran by a current SCA student who wishes to remain anonymous, both for their safety and for the safety of their friends and family in Iran.  

By Anonymous

Currently in Iran, women are protesting for their fundamental human rights. The sound of the streets these days is "women, life, freedom," a slogan originated by Kurdish women in the 2000s.

For over 40 years, Women have suffered under a system of oppression and discrimination in Iran. Women must obey a dress code and wear a mandatory hijab, which is only one of the thousand problems they face in Iran.

On September 16, 2022, a 22-year-old woman named Zhina Amini was beaten to death in the custody of the so-called “morality police.” Zhina was killed because a strand of her hair was showing outside of her hijab. With this event as a catalyst, fearless young women have taken to the streets calling for justice and an end to this patriarchal regime.

Over the past 40 years, governmental forces have violently shut down many protests and movements. This time is different. This year, a younger generation of Iranians is leading the protests, fighting for their basic rights and freedoms. With demonstrations and protests occurring all over Iran, they have been in great danger. Nika Shakaram, Hadis Najafi, Hossein Ronaghi, and so many others have been brutally tortured, jailed, and killed by the regime in the last few weeks. Despite this violence, people still bravely continue the protests, hoping to end this murderous regime.

Now is the time for action. This is an unprecedented revolution, with women at the forefront.

I am using my voice and privilege as an SFU student and an Iranian woman raised in Tehran, with pain and anger in every bone of my body. I am calling upon the staff, faculty, and student body at SFU: it is time to pay attention and care for what is happening in Iran.

This movement needs help and support from people all around the world.

#MahsaAmini #OpIran #nikashakarami #iranprotests #hosseinronaghi

Demonstrators line up across the Lions Gate Bridge on Saturday, October 29, 2022, in a "Human Chain for Iran." Photo: Jason Payne / PNG.
November 01, 2022