SKIN AND BONES: A Chapter Four

Thursday, November 9 + Friday, November 10 + Saturday, November 11, 2023 | 7:30 PM
Matinee: Saturday, November 11, 2023 | 4:00 PM
Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre (Assembly Space)
SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver 
TICKETS: Students + Underemployed $5 | Seniors + SFU Alumni / Faculty / Staff $10 | General $15

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Skin and Bones explores the "middle spaces" between theatre making, choral acts & performance art. Eleven students join performance/visual artist Margaret Dragu, sound artist Jami Reimer and theatre maker James Long to collaboratively create a performance that considers shared spaces and social contracts. The primary source material is a collection of short texts Dragu wrote about her own experiences negotiating public transit while recovering from two hip replacements.    


Text by Margaret Dragu, James Long, and the Ensemble.
Direction: James Long and Margaret Dragu
Vocal Design and Direction: Jami Reimer
Ensemble: Raunuk Chand, Zack Faulks, Lauren Han, Brett Hubich, Samantha Li, Ruby Maher, Clare Noble, Cynthia Su, Ryan Tsang, Aisha Wewala, and Ruby Wu.


Margaret Dragu works in video, installation, publication and performance art. Dragu is grateful to be 70 years old and very grateful that young people want to make art with her. Institutions and funders like her to add that she was the recipient of a Governor-General of Canada's Visual Art and Media Award in 2012.

Kevin Jesuino is a multi-disciplinary performer, educator, movement coach, arts facilitator, activist, and community organizer. His work is oftentimes collaborative, site-specific, participatory, and process-oriented. His practice explores the body and the queer joy of uncertainty through improvisation and relational aesthetics. Kevin is completing his MFA (Contemporary Arts) at SFU.

James Long is an Assistant Professor in Theatre and Performance at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts and founding artistic director of Vancouver’s Theatre Replacement. His creative practice occurs in a wide variety of interdisciplinary and collaborative contexts, including live performance, community engaged practice and public art.

Jami Reimer (she/her) is a vocalist, educator, and sound artist who loves collaborating on new performances with other weirdos. From field recording to choral music, Jami’s work explores the various forms that voice can take.  A recent graduate of the SCA’s MFA program, Jami was recently awarded the 2023 Robert Fleming prize for music composition.

Raunuk Chand is a 4th year theatre student with a knack for comedy. After 3 years at this school he is kind of just vibing because he has no idea where the time went. He prefers to eat the skin.

Zack Faulks is a 5th Year Performance student. A satirist with an eye for scripted Theatre, he enjoys any and all work that  belittles accepted norms.

Lauren Han (they/she) is a 4th-year Theatre and Performance student and performer-deviser-writer-etc. whose loves include words, bugs, doing things they're not good at, following curiosity down rabbit holes, citing their sources, singing a little song, taking things seriously, taking things silly, their collaborators, and lists.

Brett Hubich is an actor/performance artist with 7 years experience in post-secondary Contemporary Arts programs. He’s trained in classical theatre performance and film/television acting. His training consists of numerous different forms, including Uta Hagen, Meisner, Suzuki, and Chekov, to name a few. He enjoys exploring interdisciplinary art forms.

Samantha Li (李倩伽) is a performer, a student, a daughter, a dancer, a baker, a barista. She finds pleasure in taking on tasks that are dangerous or naughty on stage, sometimes she regrets her decisions. Her current obsessions are Doja Cat and Jamiroquai.

Ruby Maher (she/her) is a performance artist, dancer, and aspiring creator. She’s currently a third-year Theatre & Performance Major. In her spare time, you can find her directing youth musical theatre productions. Ruby’s a passionate creator, who strives to implement her interdisciplinary background into everything she creates.

Clare Noble (She/Her) is an actor, writer and all-around artist from the Vancouverian suburbs. She is a 4th year Theatre and Performance student at SFU's SCA who often works with the strange and unusual, consistently framing familiarity through the lens of uncertainty.

Uroš Šanjević Holds a Master’s degree in glass studies from the National Korean University of Arts in Seoul, South Korea. He combines this traditional method with digital print, video work and performance to create a contemporary expression of his spiritual exploration and research into the traditional medicine experiences originating from aboriginal cultures of Brazil and Peru.

Cynthia Su (he/she) is a third year Theatre & Performance student. He enjoys socially engaged and community-led performances. Cynthia currently has bright orange and blue hair, so he'll be very easy to spot.

Ryan Tsang is a 4th year performing arts student and transfer from Douglas College with a knack for the mystical, a love of reading, voice overs, singing, rambling mad incantations from atop a large and imposing tower, and sending groups of  heroes on quests to save the world from evil.

Aisha Wewala is a fourth year student at the SFU School for Contemporary Arts, majoring in Theatre & Performance. She is an interdisciplinary artist, with extensive training in theatre, dance, and music. Aisha enjoys incorporating many different disciplines and her interests together into her own work and collaborations. 

Ruby Wu (she/her) is a Taiwanese emerging artist, in theater performance and KPOP dance area. In relevant background, she has collaborated as a backstage assistant and light manager at Vancity Culture Lab, BGM Dance Studio and Rice & Bean.

November 11, 2023