SCA students currently enrolled in classes or in active graduate studies programs are eligible to book select spaces on the fourth floor of the SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. Enrolled SCA students are also able to rent lockers.

Space Bookings

The School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts provides students enrolled in SCA classes with the opportunity to book rooms. The intent of this service is to support the further development of artistic and academic skills directly related to SCA coursework.

Please use our online 4th Floor Room Booking Request Form to make your booking requests.

Please allow a minimum of 2 working days to process and respond to your submission (working days are Monday to Friday, approximately 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding holidays and university closures).

Please read the SCA Student Room Bookings Policies & Procedures, below, BEFORE you make your submission.


To renew or request a locker for the Spring 2024 Semester, you must either be an SCA student or enrolled in an SCA course for the Spring 2024 semester.

  • Renewals: your locker number and lock code will remain the same.
  • New lockers: Your locker number and lock code will be emailed to you within 3 business day once the payment is done.

Please use our online Locker Request Form to request a locker.


Students found in violation of these policies and procedures may have their room booking privileges restricted or revoked by the SCA.


  1. Only SFU students currently enrolled in SCA courses may request to book rooms; bookings must be directly related to the student’s SCA coursework
  2. Room booking requests MUST be made at least 2 working days in advance of when the room is wanted (NOTE: working days are Monday to Friday, approximately 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding holidays and university closures).
    • Please allow up to a minimum of 2 working days for a response
    • Requests made on Fridays will not be looked at until Monday afternoon or Tuesday
    • Weekend bookings must be made by the Thursday before the weekend at the latest
    • Same day bookings are not permitted
  3. Room bookings may only be made up to 2 weeks in advance, for a maximum of 3 hours per booking, with these limited exceptions:
    • Faculty / Staff can make exceptions to these limitations, as deemed appropriate, by email in advance
    • Film students may book the Soundstage (GCA 4365) for up to 5 days in a row and as far in advance as needed in the same semester
  4. The inclusion of non-SCA participants is permitted IF AND ONLY IF they are essential to the SCA student’s activity, and with these conditions:
    • Involvement of non-SCA participants MUST be indicated at the time of booking
    • Non-SCA participants MUST SIGN A LIABILITY WAIVER, which we email you in response to your submission, to be returned to at least 1 working day before the requested booking time
    • Non-SCA participants without a signed waiver will be denied entry to SCA facilities
  5. Room 4350 is for use by Music & Sound majors only, but Faculty / Staff can make an exception, as deemed appropriate, by email in advance
  6. For all 4th floor room bookings, please use the online 4th Floor Room Booking Request Form
  7. For 3rd floor film-editing room bookings, please contact the SCA's Film and Video Resource Specialist at or in person at GCA 3920 (film lock-up room)

Other bookings

We require a minimum of 4 weeks (of working days) advance notice for these scenarios:

  • For performance venues for a course / program related production, graduate student project, or event, please contact the SCA's Manager, Production & Events at
  • If any other room is wanted for any other reason (non-course related, non-student, other rooms), please contact the SCA's Manager, Academic & Administrative Services, at


Please respect the room and return everything in the room to the regular set-up:

  • Do not remove chairs, tables, equipment, instruments, music stands, speakers, etc.
  • NEVER move instruments, especially pianos, even a few inches
  • Put tables and chairs (if applicable) back into the regular set-up for that room
  • Dispose of any garbage and clean up after yourself
  • Aim to leave the room cleaner and tidier than when you got there

If anything is damaged, broken, excessively dirty, or you have any other concerns about the room, please email the details to the SCA's Undergraduate Program Assistant at

Dance Studio Rules (GCA 4525, 4650 & 4750):  

  • NO outdoor shoes or shoes that may mark the floors are permitted
  • NO dance shoes with screws (i.e. tap shoes) are permitted
  • NO rosin is to be used
  • NO food or drink is permitted, except for water in secured plastic / metal containers (no glass)
  • Props, tables, or chairs that could damage the floors are not permitted


The SCA booking staff do our best to support the students, faculty, and other staff at the School for the Contemporary Arts. However, staff have demanding workloads and may not always be able to respond to last minute requests. We appreciate you taking the time to plan ahead and providing as much detail as possible in your request.

We cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate all requests, especially during busy times of the semester. However, wherever possible the SCA staff will work to find alternative solutions as best they can.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments about these rules and guidelines, please email the SCA's Manager, Academic & Administrative Services, at



Undergraduate Program Assistant
P: 778-782-3363