Locker Request Form

Locker Request Form

Lockers are available for rent through the School for the Contemporary Arts, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. Lockers are available for rent starting the first week of classes of each semester. Lockers are rented on a first come – first served basis. To renew or request a locker for the Summer 2024 Semester, you must either be an SCA student or enrolled in a CA course for the Summer 2024 semester.

Summer Semester is free.


Locker location


Rental Terms and Conditions

Lockers must be cleared out by the end of the undergraduate exam period each semester (please refer to Calendar). There is no refund of unused rent or discounted rental fee for rental of a partial term. If a locker has not been vacated by the end of the undergraduate exam period, the renter will forfeit the contents in said locker.

Upon commencement of the rental agreement, renters are responsible for their locker. Damage to lockers should be reported immediately to the School for the Contemporary Arts General Office 2860. Unreported or willful damage may result in the cancellation of rental agreement and the forfeiture of rental fee.

Flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, weapons, drugs, alcohol and illegal or controlled substances are strictly prohibited and should not be stored in lockers at any time. SFU staff or their representatives can open lockers at any time without permission of the renter and no reimbursement will be made on the cost of the rentee’s lock cut.

Policies and procedures regarding locker rental are subject to change without notice.

SFU is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of rented lockers.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to remove your belongings before your agreement expires, the School for the Contemporary Arts office will endeavor to return any items left in locker after the end of the rental agreement. Please ensure that the contact information provided is correct and complete and please notify the office if any of the information changes.