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  • SCA | Quick News | September 23, 2022
    Soji-George and Obuwoma at Surrey | Underhill on On The Coast | Nieto in Bailando! | Sniderman's Wierzba Estery/Esther's Willow | Horrigan's Listening to interruptions | Basanta at Civitella Ranieri | Laiwan's WANDER | Hill in The Future of Work | Call O'Brien's Dream Home Hotline | Chambers and Young's One hundred more trailer and on a podcast | MacCaull, Fredriksson, and Cheyenne for New Works | Ariaratnam and Hall are AmbrAria | Smulovitz in Meta Xenakis | temporary obligations on the Vancouver Art Blog | Dai, Chien, and Jono do The Five Vengeances | Quick trailer for Kotowich's Kisiskâciwan | 1000xRESIST trailer | Lum in the AGOINSIDER | Wei's Ozu's Seasons | Klinke at Red Gate | Cheung in Artch

  • SCA | Quick News | September 16, 2022
    Welcome, Young Joo Lee! | Latta's Hidden Stories and HOME / LAND | Shihab's Echolocation screening schedule | Eigenfeldt with Chien and at the Blarney | Are you Theatre Replacement's new Senior Producer? | Meadahl's Serpente | Eva at Place des Arts | Sembatya, U, and Ritter in All Over the Map | rice & beans' Polyphonic Translation Residency | Dembicki's book launch | SCA in interplay_2022 | New Societies tour – in photos | Lavery on Valentine-Lewis' Amongst our Contemporary Ruins | Triana in BC Culture Days | Vickers' Fish in Astral Projection under Moons | Angus' Any Colour and HOWL | Mochizuki's Tides & Moons: Herring Capital | Stir on Concealed Cultures: Visualizing the Black Vernacular and I see; I breathe; I am! | Goodman and Loscil at Chutzpah! | Kamikaze Nurse's Work + Days | Johnson and Ermacora in VIFF | McMann at the YYC Music Awards | Quick trailer for Kotowich's Kisiskâciwan | Chambers and Young's One hundred more | Belcourt’s A Minor Chorus – with Sound | Wester's Millennial | SCA in VIFF's Catalyst Cohort | Tam and Jacob play Modulus | withintensions' Horizons

  • SCA | Quick News | September 9, 2022
    Congratulations, Marks and Radul! | Dongnier at CultureHub | Radul in Incredible Machines | Lee, Leung, and Yeung's Discounted Hotpot Centre | North Barn Theatre Collective Q&A | O'Callaghan's Overbound | Lin in Persistence/Resistance | Alfeld's Doug and the Slugs and Me screens | Submit to the Capture Photography Festival | Big City's Liquid Times | Wallgrin at the Fox | Edwards' Ptarmageddon nominated | Galindo and McConnell at In Movement Dance Co. | Silverfox at the Evergreen Cultural Centre | Saugstad's Paper Mountains | Friedenberg wins | Meadahl in the PIVOT program | Yamada's workshop | Smith's who is this city for? | Bruton in the studio | Sum's New Age Attitudes | Congradulations, Didier | Jarvis interviewed | Maddock on the BC Lieutenant Governor Awards | Phạm co-edited The Empress of Vancouver

  • SCA | Quick News | September 2, 2022
    New Assistant Professors: James Long, Stefan Maier, and Noé Rodríguez | TPE's Music of Displacement | Latta co-organizes Waltz and co-presents HOME / LAND | Eigenfeldt in Surrender | withintensions' R & R | MacCaull's 003_playback | Wallgrin's YOLK | Kotowich and Goodman in Düsseldorf | O'Callaghan's album Alone and unalone reviewed | Lum's The Buffalo and the Buffalo Fur Trader | O'Brien's Dream Home Hotline | SFU Galleries calling Indigenous Artists and Community | Kanagawa in World Equal | Aoki's More Alike than Unalike workshop | Lord's Soft-Spoken Weepy Cult Child | Escolán's August in El Salvador | Fire of Love at VIFF Centre | Stir on I see; I breathe; I am! and Concealed Cultures: Visualizing the Black Vernacular | After School with Velasquez and Milosavic | Chambers and Young's One hundred more | North Barn Theatre Collective's A Gorgon's Tale | Zaurrini plays | Member spotlight on D’Anunciação | Le Sigh Issue 4 | Carter talks to the CBC | Big City and Kamikaze Nurse at Victory Square

  • SCA | Quick News | August 26, 2022
    Schroeder's Stircrazer I – now on video! | Boisjoly's talks "Resisting Mastery" – now on video! – and in Out of Control | Dongnier at The Watermill | Clark's Persistence and Loss and on George Hunt | The Dummy Factor plays Gig Harbor | Carter's Residuals (住み・墨) and Omote (面) | Ariaratnam at 8East | Spence on tour and a veil, the sea is coming | Lee, Leung, and Yeung's Discounted Hotpot Centre | Peripheral Review's block party | Morelli moderating and on Doyle | After School with Galindo and Gamboa | Work for After School | FCAT Indigenous Fall Picnic | O'Callaghan's doubts | Lin curates the ADAM Artist Lab | Kyle-Moffat's outdoor adult ballet barre class | Watch Nass and Sungshine's What If? | Hou plays | Wu in For Now | Vickers up for an Alberta Magazine Award | Soji-George co-curates | Clala Dance Project seeks sound designer / music producer | Dai, Chien, and Kim in The Five Vengeances | Rahi at HCMA | Koochakzadeh-Yazdi at the Skirball | Belcourt on Sound | Gold at The Dance Deck Neuf | withintensions' Relaxation | interplay_2022 | Dubois, Bhullar, feng, Walters, and Cheung in I SPY... | rice & beans' Polyphonic Translation Residency | McMann's Sunstreams | Stewart shares The Legacy Project video | Sum's New Age Attitudes at The Cultch | JPEG 2000 rock Small File | Kanagawa in Orphan: First Kill | New Societies goes to Taiwan | Listening to Pictures: Laiwan on Yoon

  • SCA | Quick News | August 12, 2022
    Sound's Aunties Holding it Together | Tham on Singapore Stores | Soji-George co-curates | Wei and Xie make videos | Peripheral Review – new site + auction | Kim and Oke are Commissioned Artists | Somera Jr. at the VSDF | After School with Galindo and Lim | Carter choreographs | Stir on The Big Bad Wolf | Big City at Red Gate | O'Brien at The Blue Cabin | Loscil at the Chan | Chien, MacCaull, and Angus in Berlin | Art Action Earwig's zine performance | SCA at the Dance Centre | Graveyards and Gardens on tour | Goodman's Tuning | Open Letter from Indigenous Classical Musicians | Donate to Vines | Armour update | Monkey Beach on the CBC | Jeffery fest | Yassine's teaser | New Societies reviewed | Now on video – Kong in conversation with Kaur, Sparks, Taylor, Henderson, and Wilkinson | Aoki talks Voirelia | Listening to Pictures Episode 9: Hansen and Ling on Lum

  • Mena El Shazly on A Light Footprint in the Cosmos

  • SCA | Quick News | August 5, 2022
    SMALL FILE 2022 is nigh | Marks talks indivisible | After School E9 | Alzamora's HOME | Big City's Vicious video | Silverfox at the KDCC | McMann's Incandescent Tails in Vancouver | Charles for the school board | O'Callaghan talks to Elektramusic | Nass and Sungshine's What If | Dance International on Dancing on the Edge + more | Follow The Couch | Hammond in LAND ART | The Indigenous Tutoring & Mentoring Program | We Were One in Kassel | The Big Bad Wolf at Vines | Carter and Turnbull's Omote (面) | attuning flesh and bone pix | Wahlgren's other site | Tedlie-Stursberg's COPE shirt | Around Us virtually | Listening to Pictures: Carranza and MacKenzie on Thauberger | Hou in You Can't Trust Music

  • SCA | Quick News | July 29, 2022
    FCAT profiles Carter | Dongnier at the abC Art Book Fair | Karen Jamieson Dance archive | Sum's Awkward Bodies in Exclaim! | Vines in the Straight | Kong on the 2022 Venice Biennale | Kozak in Around Us | After School with Ukrainetz and Mercer | Lin reviewed | Ghost Forest online | Sum and Wallgrin play Slice of Life | Big City's Liquid Times | Fire of Love plays The Rio | Sappier's JEDI profile | Kanagawa's Mizuko | Angus' Apollonian Chaos | Charlene Vickers in FULL CIRCLE | Listening to Pictures: COSINIYE Paul and Sage Paul on Susan Point | Hou reviewed | Cleave in Inverted Pyramid Series: intend to upend | Spence played the Oratory | New Societies on tour | Edmeades in Hasten slowly | Dancing Resilience homework | Morelli interviews Adjutor Provost | Read Reed on the 2021 Yukon Prize | Yassine and D'Anunciação in Peters' interplay_

  • SCA | Quick News | July 22, 2022
    Priest and Rapisarda level up | Shihab and Dubois screening | Boisjoly talks Resisting Mastery | Latta in Split | Cleaning, reorganizing, and renovating at the SCA | Smulovitz goes 8 channel | Remembering Dr. Djavad Mowafaghian | Sum's a mermaid | Angus, Chien, and MacCaull in Berlin | Listen to 4 (trio) | Liquidation World's Wong Wave Art Swap & Open Mic | Fire of Love reviewed | Vickers' Summer 2022 | After School E7 | McGlenen plays Evergreen | O’Neill, Maxwell, and French in The Music And Dance Project | Listening to Pictures: Penner Bancroft and Andersson on Dikeakos | Chan's Happy Valley at the Firehall | Carter's Residuals (住み・墨) | rice & beans' Polyphonic Translation Residency | Maddock plays a Summer Session | Ross and Scott screening | McMann's Incandescent Tales | Tong's Petrified Seas | Bruton at the SPHERE Festival | Mah and Shaffer in Berlin | Joey Chaos and The Ghosts at Red Gate | Zaurrini in WFAE's archive

  • SCA | Quick News | July 15, 2022
    Walkley wins the Lola | Hill's Dream Machine Filmmaking Camp | Radul and Boisjoly in Jeffries' Summer Screening | Shihab's Echolocation in Philadelphia | Guests & Hosts in Cap Review | Davachi, Maier, and Rahi in The Wire | Scout Mag on Town Choir | Yellow Peril: Reimagining Queer Asian Futures | Bridge's Habitus Fragments | Watch Gamboa's attuning flesh and bone | D'Anunciação shoots and edits Shared Bodies | Vickers in FULL CIRCLE | After School E6 | This is Not a Ceremony at the Polygon | McMann's Divine Feminine | Jeffery at Run N Gun | withintentions' noise | Listening to Pictures: Lum on Kent | Recasting Ainu Indigeneity in Museums Through Performing Arts | Edwards plays happy hour | Ariaratnam, Avendaño, and Strauss launch 4 (trio) | Buston and Meyers' Lo-fi Spectacle Club does Exquisite Pressure | Mitsuhashi and crew – behind the scenes | SCA in All Over the Map | Chaput edited Fire of Love in Seattle | SCA in Vines | The Couch's Just Out of Reach | Liquid Lounge in pictures | Kotowich interviewed | Saugstad and Carter in the Festival Film Package | O'Callaghan's Overbound | rice & beans present DBLSPK: Canta Karaokê – TONIGHT! | Sound's banners | Cheyenne's PANTS | Chan and Wong in Open Invitations

  • SCA | Quick News | July 8, 2022
    Liquidation World's Wrong Wave Festival | For You's Dr. G digital X-mas tree | Goodman's Core/Us | Lui and Sembatya – and a few jobs – at the Richmond Arts Centre | Ghosh's Images as Found Objects | Capilano Review celebrates 50 | Fire of Love reviewed | Kozak's everything is borrowed and must be returned | Edwards on ice | Le Sigh 03 | Raven Spirit Dance's Confluence | FCAT Summer Social | After School with Ukrainetz, Carter, and Nazarevich | MacCaull / Chimerik 似不像's 003_playback | Roberson and Salway's Ballroom event – now online | Jugdeo and vqueeram on Friendship is a method | Koochakzadeh-Yazdi's Fidelity to Rumble | withintensions' food | Tong's Petrified Seas | Ramsey talks Gathering Darkness on the CBC | Debbie C at the CAG | Klinke at Red Gate | Vines' Lake of Dreams | FRIDAY's Focus | The Straight on glint | Thompson, Somera Jr., and Arboleda in Dancing on the Edge | Kim 'hearts' Surrey for charity

  • SCA | Quick News | June 30, 2022
    The Alderson Interarts Award | Marks on Daybreak North | Tacata and For You's Dr. G’s Bingo Extravaganza | Listening to Pictures: Cranfield and Slade on Beardslee | A Light Footprint in the Cosmos exhibition tours – on video | SCA in The Cultch 2022 season | Vickers reviewed | Kanagawa on VO in Stereo | rice & beans present DBLSPK: Canta Karaokê | Stir on Goodman's Core/Us | The Sun on Gamelan Bike Bike | Sembatya and Sarah U in All Over the Map | After School E4 | Kamikaze Nurse shout out + playing Khatsahlano | Jono lights SHED | Morelli's Traversée/Crossing | Ramsey and The Darlings at The Polygon | Chien for Indian Summer | Field Notes on Hill | SCA in Around Us | Theatre Replacement’s Town Choir | Maddock talks with Svelnis | Mitsuhashi on glint | O'Callaghan's Reasons | Basanta's The Unknown Future Rolls Towards Us | New(to)Town Collective presents... | The Straight on Confluence | SCA win Jessies | A playlist from Hou | The Peak on A Brief History of Ballroom | Silverfox's CBC Q&A

  • SCA | Quick News | June 24, 2022
    Yoon's Office Hours | Dickinson's Honourable Mention | Anderson and Eigenfeldt at ICMC 2022 | Maier plays Red Gate | On Listening to Pictures | Mermaid Spring in the mail | Lin's Perhaps she comes from/to__Alang + in documenta 15 | SCA in A Midsummer Night’s Dream | withintensions call for food | Ramsey talks with !Kona Katranya | Popcorn Galaxies' Perfect Strangers | Sound in Group Show | Jeffery's FREE RANGE | Mesiha's Same Difference in Edinburgh | Bourcheix-Laporte sorts the fees | Inverso Summer Intensive | Next After School | O’Callaghan and Valentine-Lewis get updated | Walkley's The Presence of Mind in Motion | Van Mag on Fraser's Gestural Symphony No.1 | Theatre Replacement’s Town Choir | Spence’s Blue waves, Green waves | Kong talks We Can Only Hint at This With Words | Gamelan Bike Bike at the Jazz Fest | Silverfox's FCAT interview + RRR update | SCA in the 2022 Wrong Wave Festival | SCA in Dancing on the Edge | Goodman's Core/Us | Kozak in Around Us | Powderface at the Summer Gateway Academy | New Sappier video | Wallgrin plays Active / Passive | Tong's Environment mon amour | Lim and Blenkarn in Berlin

  • SCA | Quick News | June 17, 2022
    Charles up for the PENN IDEA | Latta in Croatia | Morag, You're A Long Time Deid reviewed | Mermaid Spring in the mail | Saleken's DIY seminar | Silverfox on APTN | Obuwoma on An Insufficient Record: The photo-ethics of preserving Black Vancouver | Le Sigh 002 | BE THE SCA INDIGENOUS PEER MENTOR | Basanta's LANDSCAPE PAST FUTURE + The Unknown Future Rolls Towards Us | McMann in Halifax + nominated | Kong on Indivisible | LeBourdais runs-up | Alison Kirkley fonds | Listening to Pictures: Durey on Clay | Kamikaze Nurse answers questions | Sapphire Haze to watch + in NYC | Rahi in Salzburg | After School: Galindo & Khakpour | Klinke's Playback Head | Sound at BAF

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