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  • SCA | Quick News | February 3, 2023
    FRIDAY's I GOT IT | Soji-George and Chadha talk Black Arts Centre's Club PuSh | Min talks Yoon | Rodriguez working STRUCK | Shihab in Revolt Against the Sun & A New Wave Theory | Boisjoly and Hill in We Are Story | Dickinson's teaching insight | Marks talks Soul-Assemblage Media | Vancouver Art Blog shares some Slade | Rogalsky and Patenaude play Always, Always | Monteiro in To fold; To fault | RE/PLAY THE CAFÉ | Drop Cities playlist | Kotowich leads a Working Class | Colours of Air press | Basanta's Targeted | Move the East Van Cross? | SFU Galleries x Collage Collage = Family Day | Below the Radar's Black History Month programming | Edwards on Grenier and Muranko | Kong on Raina | Puzzlehead play the Fundrive finale | Yousefbigloo runs up to the Lind | Iguana up for a Juno | Prost helps Crazy8s judge | The Tidal Exchange podcast | Maamawi (ᒫᒪᐏ): Together Through The Fire | Keller's residency | CLIMATE ART WEB GATHERING #2 | Maddock on Le cri des méduses | After School S2.E4. | Rooting for Sum | Same Difference in Toronto | Mochizuki's Transpacific Dreams | Morelli on Bui | Alzamora's Interstitial | Saugstad works the Lamondancers | Han and Lin / Tahos in Cinematic Disruptions | Young talks An Undeveloped Sound with Stir | The Couch's Hometown II | withintensions' Invention

  • SCA | Quick News | January 27, 2023
    SCA dancers in Kaleidoscope | Radul's Warmer Than The World Around Us | PushOFF 2023 INDUSTRY CONVOS | Min on Yoon | Capture's schedule | SCA in the PuSh Youth Assembly | Daniel's Licht | Fredriksson leads a Working Class | Tong's open studio | Lee at the Queer Arts Festival | Muranko's Chapter 21 | The Library Performance Collective's Passenger Seat | Alzamora in the laboratorio colectivo de creación musical experimental | Young talks An Undeveloped Sound | Listen to Handshake 2022 | Kong on The Willful Plot | I SPY… online exhibition | Soji-George interviewed | The New Aesthetics Performance Intensive | Bukhari on the Vancouver Art Blog | Designed by Peters | Talking Shit With Tara Cheyenne | Smulovitz plays One-Page Scores with the Plastic Acid Orchestra | Future Futures reviewed | A Year of Blessings: Bun Fun New Year | Fire of Love up for an Oscar | Silverfox soundbite | Gamelan Bike Bike's 10th

  • SCA | Quick News | January 20, 2023
    Low's What Are Our Supports? | I had a dream about this place reviewed | Koochakzadeh-Yazdi on WOMAN, LIFE, FREEDOM | Apply to Vines 2023 | interplay_2022 teases interplay_2023 | Kanagawa's Forgiveness news | Playback Head live (on video) and live | Gray's The Maker's Mark's works | Theatre Conspiracy's Same Difference | SCA in An Undeveloped Sound | Bhullar and Bourne in XINEMA Program 4 | Nass curates the frank @ Club PuSh 2023 | Graveyards and Gardens in the spring | Martineau the Intern | Morelli interviews Zondi and on Tagny | Smith talks with Aoki and Mark | TRAction's CLIMATE ART WEB | Ravensbergen's The Seventh Fire | Stir picks A Year of Blessings | The Land is Home | Hou in Le Sigh | rice & beans' Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Accessibility Panel and Bingo Night | UNSCRIPTED: It Lives in My Bedroom | Art Action Earwig in Lichens: An Open Group Jam | Davis and Nass talk PuSh | Maamawi (ᒫᒪᐏ): Together Through The Fire | Indigenous Knowledge, Law & Sound | THEATRE CORPS. does Exquisite Pressure | Silverfox in the Art Bank | Wallgrin plays Green Auto Body | Kamikaze Nurse supporting Deerhoof | Kajander, Kwon, and Kelly's Wandering Calendar | After School S2.E4 | withintensions calls for Invention

  • SCA | Quick News | January 13, 2023
    Slade and Robertson in conversation | Omphaloskepsis reviewed | Marks' Kracauer Lecture | Small File Photo Festival: Talks Programme | PushOff 2023: Emergent Realities | Goodman leads Working Classes | Win some Forgiveness | Doug and the Slugs and Me in the Globe and Mail | FCAT UGC Last call! | The Five Blessings Collective's A Year of Blessings | Lind Prize award ceremony | Yamada on The Dance Centre's podcast | Mochizuki's Autumn Strawberry (Dance Film) | Hobson-Dimas' Developing your Clown in the Pursuit of Magic | rice & beans' Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Accessibility Panel and Bingo Night | Please Meet the Geese Who Have Lived Here Forever: Set, Properties, and Film | Soba’s Corner: A Chinese-Canadian Cooking Show | Natalie Brett Quartet's Standards | The Library Performance Collective's Passenger Seat | Chaos Emblematic's ECHOES | Kong on Carmen Papalia and Co-Conspirators | MINE at the High Performance Rodeo | Chambers in Sediment: The Archive as a Fragmentary Base | Sound in Canthius 11 | Bukhari's Land & Marks | Thompson's Footnotes: a work in process | Nazarevich's ARCMAPS | Fredriksson and Shaffer in Accelerate 6.0 | 2023 Chrystal Dance Prize—Projects | Silverfox soundbite

  • SCA | Quick News | January 7, 2023
    Slade's As the sun disappears and the shadows descend from the mountaintop | Jin-me Yoon’s Time is Nested | Tacata talks with Lewis Williams, and Chambers and McGregor | Radul in Bodies Beyond Boundaries | Shihab's Jaddoland | A tribute to Ron Cliff | DEBBY FRIDAY on Sub Pop! | Monteiro's Sensations of Déjà Vu | Kanagawa's Forgiveness | Ravensbergen's The Seventh Fire | Ensemble Télémaque play SCA | O'Callaghan's Doubt is a body | Loscil in the EU & UK | After School S2.E3 | Tong in Multispecies Clouds | Lin's Seeking Gender Identity in the Contexts of Atayal: An Art Project | rice & beans' Polyphonic Translation Residency | Smith's The Big Reveal | The Couch is calling | Lamoureux's Grant Writing workshop | Alfeld talks Doug and the Slugs and Me | Hobson-Dimas' Developing your Clown in the Pursuit of Magic | 2023 FCAT Undergraduate Conference | Nazarevich's ARCMAPS

  • SCA | Quick News | December 16, 2022
    Louise Bentall Award for Emerging B.C. Choreographers | I had a dream about this place makes the list | Dongnier at CultureHub NYC | Rodriguez does STRUCK | Matreyek and more in PushOFF 2023 | Slade at the closing | SCA in Sound Space | Kanagawa rehearsing Forgiveness | Whistler Film Festival online | Triana in DADAO | After School S2.E2: Braithwaite talks with Dai | Silverfox​ soundbite | The full set of videoconversations | Obuwoma's Critics' Picks | Zaurrini's Painting with Sound | Vines calling | FRIDAY at La Sala Rossa | O'Callaghan gets a shout out | Loscil in London | Radix's First Annual Silent Scream Solstice | Winter/Spring at The Cultch | Gamboa dancing with FakeKnot | Art Action Earwig's Zines | Edmeades' The Fancy Ladies | Eva's Creating Home/Ukwakha iKhaya | Watch CODA | Sound's Interconnected Artist Spotlight | An Undeveloped Sound | The Maker's Mark – virtually | withintensions' Wonder

  • SCA | Quick News | December 9, 2022
    Yousefbigloo in the 2022 Lind Prize Exhibition | SFMF at The Hmm | Shihab in Ongoing2 Gathering | WaxFactory's newsletter | I had a dream about this place celebration | Slade and Hill in the Combine Art Fair | The Public Swoon on PTC Platforms | Alfred Jarry at 8EAST | A Debutante Ball | Overstall in SOUNDplay | Vines' Gratitude Report | Mochizuki's Autumn Strawberry (Dance Film) | Hubert, Tedlie-Stursberg, and Vickers at Trapp Projects | Design TSU merch? | Congrats, Friesen! | Stir on You Touch Me and Fredriksson and Khakpour on The Dance Centre's podcast | O'Callaghan's As in a Simile streamed | Anza-Burgess in Poetry Floodlight | Basanta in The Politics of Sound | Incoming: Nazarevich's ARCMAPS | Carter in the 2023 KickStart programme | Angus' chaos reel | Caprara calling | Spence does So far sonar | Cheung in Mixed Drinks | What Are Our Supports? flip through | CBC on FUTURE FUTURES | Kotowich in the Winter Intensive | Venus Art Gallery's online exhibition | Milton in the Party Pack | Hill in La Position de l'Amour | Capilano Review's Quarto Series framed | Friedenberg choreographs In My Day | Gwiazda in To Which I Bore Witness | 2023 FCAT Undergraduate Conference | Vickers and Sound for UNYA | withintensions' Duality

  • SCA | Quick News | December 2, 2022
    SCA winning awards! | Yoon interviewed | I had a dream about this place reviewed | Maier on PP-01 and at the INA-GRM | Bitter / Weber at the Secession | Maier, Biddle, Morgan, and Brazeau in Sound Space | Clay's Unless | Meet Eigenfeldt, on bass | I have forgotten my umbrella installation images | Morelli calls for odors | After School S2.E1 | Fredriksson talks shit with Friedenberg | Kanagawa interviewed | Ariaratnam's December '22 | Ueda wins! | Loscil and English's Violet | McFarlane's lantern workshops | Tong's Manuel of environmental love | Abahmed's Thonis | Voirelia's fundraiser | Hille talks East Van Panto | SCA in i spy... 2022 | Kamikaze Nurse play a Ridiculously Early Holiday Party | Johal and Dembicki talk The Petroleum Papers | Chambers' Archives and Heirlooms | videocan's videoconversations | 2023 FCAT Undergraduate Conference | Dark Dials at the Princeton | Fredriksson facilitates | Angus' Passing Through Dusk | Nazarevich's SANCLOUD SUNDAYS E2 | Watch Sound's kîspin kisâkihin (if you love me)

  • SCA | Quick News | November 25, 2022
    Lam shows | Pavsek roundup | Pauly's HOMICONMADOABLO | Marks' Seeing in the Dark | I had a dream about this place – sounds great, looks great, too | On Yun and Angel’s Bone | Smulovitz scores POWER of the RIVER | UNSCRIPTED Mermaid Springs' daily series | Tomasta plays Geisel | Pelan in UPROAR | Chamale on Twitch | Big City at The Lido | You Touch Me trailer | Wong, Siu, and Tam at GENesis 2022 | Morelli on Feedback #6 | Cleave, Monteiro, and A. Branch talk work | O'Brien illustrates Christmas Presence | Vickers and Sound for UNYA | 2023 FCAT Undergraduate Conference | In an archipelago in an app | PuSh announced | IndigenousGround Training | K Body and Mind extended | Robinson wins a Wallace Berry Award | Sound interviewed | FUTUREFUTURES on CBC Gem | Arenas, our Ambassador | Strom tours with Tsang and Konyves | Peripheral Review's 2022 print publication | MENA panels | Sum on vinyl | Dark Dials at the Princeton | Keller's Vacancy | Szepty/Whispers Q&A | East Van Panto reviewed | Prost's Heavy Petting at Cineworks

  • SCA | Quick News | November 18, 2022
    “I have forgotten my umbrella” | For You's Bespoke Audio Tours | Kitsos' Moving Matter | UNSCRIPTED: Mermaid Spring online | TPE & friends present Angel’s Bone | Last chance: Yoon at the SAAG | Adler's Autumn-Winter 2023-24 | Sobey show reviewed | Silverfox in Dis Orientation and another soundbite | Mitsuhashi and Mardon's TOUR | Wei is the Admin | O'Callaghan's as in a simile | Spence's Stellar Nullius | Joey Chaos and The Ghosts at Red Gate | Vines hosts Umi's Prayer | Chan and Mackenzie co-directing | Wylie wins | 2022 MENA Film Fest | The Tyee on the East Van Panto | Morelli on lachapelle | Obuwoma and Soji-George lead reading event | Echo Chamber in Chutzpah! | Calderon's Big Queer Filipino Karaoke Night | Residuals (住み・墨) reviewed | A Small File Photo Festival? | SCA in Co.ERASGA's Studio Salon Series | Congratulations, Katayoon! | Hill in The Radical Imaginary II | Kong on Zazai for Le Sigh | Watching You Watching Me reviewed | SCA in FUTUREFUTURES | SCA in F O R M | After School Season Two | Mochizuki talks Tides and Moons | Sum talks Panto | Rahi's New worlds for old sounds | Wei's The Other Commune | McMann wins | withintensions' Duality

  • SCA | Quick News | November 11, 2022
    NO HAY BANDA play Schroeder and Pauly | Shihab's busy | Kitsos in Missed Connections | Eigenfeldt on Musebots and I | Yoon talks | Daniel in Licht | Residuals (住み・墨) reviewed | Win dinner and a show | Cassady interviewed | Wallgrin's a Staff Pick | Mitsuhashi for Kleinplatz | El Shazly in Yassine's For a Spell | Tam's Twinned Spirits | Stewart and Hammond at NACL | Extra show for Double Happiness | Vickers in Cap Review and at an Open Studio | F-O-R-M on ArtScape | Koochakzadeh-Yazdi curates Sound Palace | Angus in Labyrinth | Aoki in The 5 Elements | Fredriksson and Khakpour's You Touch Me | SCA in Chalk it Up! | Kamikaze Nurse's Never Better | Mediating Vessels reviewed | K Body and Mind in VAFF | Kong on Gibson | U in the XR Program | Fredriksson facilitates | Sound​'s Strawberry Creek | puzzlehead plays, and so does Big City | Stir on The Frontliners | Theatre Replacement's 2023 New Aesthetics Performance Intensive | Ptarmageddon's Nightmare Song | Huýnh and Khan at the Whistler Film Festival | Kotowich at Native Earth Performing Arts

  • SCA | Quick News | November 4, 2022
    Carter talks Residuals (住み・墨) | Yoon news roundup | Daniel talks in Mexico | Bitter and Laiwan mentor Wedge Residents | Standing Wave play O'Callaghan | Silverfox on APTN and in an Evergreen soundbite | Liquidation World's new home | Graveyards and Gardens at CINARS and Deaconescu talks BLOT | Ariaratnam facilitates | Morelli in Border Crossings | Rahi's the audience favourite | The Five Vengeances video sampler | Calderon's Big Queer Filipino Karaoke Night | SCA in The Void of the Voice | FRIDAY does astrology | SCA in The Capilano Review | Land Back on the CBC | The Array in Stir | The Little Mermaid is rehearsing | Zaurrini designs sound | Jean Swanson: We Need A New Map screens | O'Callaghan's Ages Ago | Prost's Heavy Petting at Cineworks | Johal and Collis talk climate | SCA in Szepty/Whispers | F O R M on the screens | SCA behind the scenes of The Frontliners | Meyers does Cheyenne's Cafecito | D Lord lyric video | Vancouver Art Blog shows Smith | Work for Vines | withintentions' Creatures | Low on Lum

  • Zan, Zendegi, Azadi
    Please read this short text on the ongoing protests in Iran by a current SCA student who wishes to remain anonymous, both for their safety and for the safety of their friends and family in Iran.

  • SCA | Quick News | October 28, 2022
    Silverfox on the CBC and in the Sobey Art Award Exhibition | Eigenfeldt on Clayton duty – tonight! | Yoon’s Untunnelling Vision discussed | Marks talks The Canterbury Tales | Priest's UK tour | Quatuor Bozzini plays O'Callaghan | Bukhari in Hope | Sound reviewed | Gray in The Maker's Mark | Peripheral Review's 2022 annual print publication | Szoke nominated | Rahi in lab30 | Mochizuki install shots | Carter talks Residuals (住み・墨) – watch a trailer, too | Spine of the Mother in Whistler | BLINK: A Fundraiser Evening of 60 Second Performances | Tam and Jacob‘s Double Happiness in Stir | Kotowich's Kisiskâciwan at Tangente Danse | O'Brien's Dream Home Manifestation Guide | SCA in The Array | Trailer for Smith's Watching You Watching Me | Ritual-Spective 迴融 in STAND Festival | Blood Red Roses from Songs For a Lost Pod | SCA in The Things that Dreams are Made of | SCA in Co.ERASGA's Studio Salon Series | Keating on The YVR Screen Scene Podcast | CBC recomnds Wallgrin – new merch, too

  • SCA | Quick News | October 21, 2022
    Jarvis' Until Branches Bend wins | Boisjoly in Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World) | Shihab's Echolocation | Latta's Hidden Stories | Tacata in IMU UR2 | Schroeder's darkhorse | Maier's Nervous Systems and at MONOM | Eigenfeldt at the Roxy | Clark's Persistence and Loss | Smulovitz talks METAXENAKIS | Adler in Harvest Moon: Untrue Stories Live | Silverfox's Sobey video and Evergreen soundbite | Tam's Doc in a Box and Double Happiness: Detour This Way | Smith’s Watching You Watching Me | Catch Sound's Aunties Holding It Together | Theatre Replacement's Best Life | Lord in Silver Wave | Cafferata's Now And Not Now | Wallgrin's record release | Mochizuki's Tides & Moons: Herring Capital | Lin / Tahos at the KAC | SCA in F O R M | Christie's Ghost in the Air Glow | O'Callaghan's IMMATERIAL HOW | Valentine-Lewis on Kim | Chien's Patterns of Liquid Stars | Fredriksson's sold out! | Buy Tedlie-Stursberg's Cosmic Boulder (Sky Blue) | Carter in the BC Dance and Youth Research Project and on The Dance Centre's podcast | Ken Lum's Ken Lum reviewed | Division Infinity Saves The World! | rice & beans' DBLSPK: Yankl & der Beanstalk | Morelli assists for Evergon | Henderson's Going Back to Meet the World | D'Anunciaçã and Schwinn's Enrapture | Watch Spence in Milan | Postalian's Critical Response Process workshop | Soji-George on the CBC | Chambers and Young's One hundred more reviewed

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