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  • With SFU's 2024 June Convocation just around the corner, and the ceremony for the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (our institutional home at SFU) on Friday, June 14, it's also time to reach out and talk to a soon-to-be graduate. We're grateful that visual art student Chris Outten, whose work was included in Look Both Ways, the 2024 BFA Graduating Exhibition that ran April 18 – May 4 at the Audain Gallery, took the time to answer our questions. And as we talk about here, we're also looking forward to seeing Chris in our MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program, starting this September. Please meet Christopher Outten!

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  • Busy SCA alumnus Ogheneofegor Obuwoma, who was also the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology's Undergraduate Speaker at the June 2022 Convocation Ceremony (read it HERE), took some time out of their schedule to answer a few questions for us about one of their latest ongoing projects, the glimpse: African Cinema Now! film series they curated for the VIFF Centre. Read on to find out more about the series as well as Obuwoma's many other jobs, activities, and projects ~

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  • Meet SCA alumnus and busy composer and musician Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi ~

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  • Hope Refuse | Who Am I Here? | 2023/24 Chrystal Dance Prize | Priest's Dust Breeding | 46,500 or What does giving back mean in the 21st century? | Eigenfeldt in Aberrant Creativity | Redvers' Cold Road | Future Losses and Resisting Disciplines | After School Season Three | Debi's (Teenage) Theosophical Enlightenment | Sound of the Sun Volume II | When the collection presents the future | How Would Lubitsch Do It S4E06a | See How We Run! Learning From Fireweed | Workin’ It Out | aka at SLUMBER/ | Teeth cover by Sound

  • Holiday break! | 2023 FCAT Awards | Radul at Plug In | Marks and Rokeby talk streaming carbon footprint | Darkroom of Educational Modernism | Mother Cloud Spatial Sound Festival | Rubin and Gotfrit in conversation | Goodman and Deaconescu talk BLOT on PuSh Play | Chamale DJs for the "future" | Prairie Dusk makes the list | Caprara coordinating | new music for organ and voice | Jong and Monteiro join Feng on See How We Run | Koochakzadeh-Yazdi​'s Weaving | * COME * HANG * | Sum socks | Apply to Vines | PANTS at the Firehall | Action at a Distance​'s artist call

  • Tallbear talks Beyond Diversity and Inclusion in the Academy | HOLD ON LET GO | Dust Breeding at Cafe Oto | Eigenfeldt in Rome | Trapp pop-up | Smulovitz on viola | Loscil's picks | Mesiha and Cheema on PuSh Play | It begins with knowing and not knowing | See How We Run E3 | Winter less Intensive | 2023 MSG Lab Readings | DBLSPK: HYMN OF THE WEAVER BIRDS | Perkins Deneault on Dwell | Koh interviewed | Lin / Tahos in the Netherlands | Exegesis Gnosis Gnetwork | Snack Witch in Gelling | How Would Lubitsch Do It? S4E03 | Kong on Surreal Spaces | Ghosts of Pac-Man Past | Cheyenne talks s*it with Franklin and Adderley | Cleave on Gray | Gamboa at Morrow | Hyper Comicon Fan

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  • The third in a series of three conversational interviews between Indigenous SCA MFA students and Indigenous SCA alumni, this time with SCA MFA student Lauren Crazybull speaks with SCA alumni Charlene Vickers.

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  • The second in a series of three conversational interviews between Indigenous SCA MFA students and Indigenous SCA alumni, this time with SCA MFA student Cody Tolmie and SCA alumni Michelle Sound.

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  • The first in a series of three conversational interviews between Indigenous SCA MFA students and Indigenous SCA alumni, beginning with SCA MFA student Taryn Walker and SCA alumni Krystle Silverfox.

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  • As part of a series of posts to honour National Indigenous History Month, we've reach out to the one-and-only Carr Sappier, who's not only an SCA alumnus, but also the hard-working co-founder (with Grace Mathisen) of the Skoden Indigenous Film Festival. We're very grateful for their responses to our questions, and the time and work they've shared with us. Please read on ~

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  • Please read this short text on the ongoing protests in Iran by a current SCA student who wishes to remain anonymous, both for their safety and for the safety of their friends and family in Iran.

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