9 LIVES or (Le) Chat in a Box

SCA Theatre Mainstage 2019
Nov. 27 – 30 & Dec. 4 – 7 | 8:00 PM & 1:00 PM on Fri. Nov. 29
Studio T – SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Tickets: Students $7 | SFU Alumni $7 | Seniors $10 | SFU Faculty & Staff $10 | General $15


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Director: Jiv Parasram.
: Bana Biltaji, Sena Çagla, Garvin Chan, Lia Fallah, Samantha Walters, and Steven Yang.

6 unique narratives united by a central point of inquiry: what knowledge should be forbidden?

Inspired by the Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment, cancel culture, and Antifa, this performance event has asked each individual artist to mine their own lives to answer this question.

Each artist performs an “augmented lecture,” crafting a distinct character in the liminal space between their true self and their artistic response to forbidden knowledge. This plays off the "metaphorical cat in a box" that is both living and dead. There is knowledge in the world – it may spread hate, it may spread love, it may seek to heal or destroy. If we do not observe this knowledge, will it still persist? What knowledge can we find in the places we choose not to look?

This project is a study in performance, identity, and positionality. Each performer/creator has crafted approximately 75% of each version of 9 Lives, with the remaining 25% running as a constant in each piece. As such, to get a full experience, it is recommended that audiences see multiple performances.

Performance Schedule

Week 1

Nov. 27: Steven Yang, Lia Fallah
Nov. 28:  Lia Fallah, Garvin Chan
Nov. 29: 1:00 pm:  Garvin Chan, Lia Fallah, Steven Yang, | 8:00 pm: Garvin Chan, Steven Yang
Nov. 30: Steven Yang, Lia Fallah, Garvin Chan

Week 2

Dec. 4  Bana Biltaji, Sena Çağla
Dec. 5  Samantha Walters, Sena Çağla
Dec. 6  Samantha Walters, Bana Biltaji
Dec. 7  Bana Biltaji, Samantha Walters, Sena Çağla

Note: 9 LIVES or (Le) Chat in a Box contains adult content and themes that change in combination with each performance that some may find challenging. Please contact the Box Office at for more information.

November 27, 2019