CA 324 Presents: Social-Dissonance

December 5 at 5:00 PM – Dec 13 at 12:00 AM, 2020 | Vimeo

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This is a screening of the CA 324 New Composition class’ final film projects. Through the course we experimented with different ways of choreographing the camera in relationship to the body as well as how editing acts as a choreographic tool. All of the films come with varied conceptual and choreographic approaches, all generated from the students who had full creative control over these pieces. Despite restrictions through working online and through a pandemic, I am proud to see the students find creative approaches to their choreographic endeavours and hope you enjoy the resulting works.

– Sophia Wolfe, CA 324 Sessional instructor

The Sun, The Star, and The Moon by Roya Pishvaei, Andrea Isea Galindo, Mikela Vuorensivu
A trio of dancers embody the celestial bodies of the Sun, Star and Moon. Each is an entity unto their own, but complement each other uniquely in duets, and as a group. They are woven together, like a braid; stronger together, and helping hold each other together. As they orbit and weave together, they explore the similarities and differences that strengthen their bond.

Offscreen by Breyanna Oldham
Offscreen is a dance film focused on what goes on behind the scenes of a dance video. Viewers will be able to witness footage that normally would not be included in the final cut like mess ups and unedited clips. The audience is able to see what happens right before we film, preparing to dance and the actual dance itself right in one film.

Body Borders by Zaarah Lopez
Body Borders is an artistic way of portraying my personal perception of the male gaze in relation to the female body, and its constant comparison to consumable goods.  

Life through her eyes by Emma Miebach
Life Through Her Eyes is a film meant to bring us back to our childhood when times were simpler, and we could dance for the sake of dancing.

S T E P  by Sarah U





Inside/Outside by Paige Wichers
Currently stuck in the four walls of my house, I explore both the inside and outside finding both the peace and chaos within the property. Throughout the video I find different places to move in and explore, even in the oddest of places.


Relicta by Nicole Dreher, Larissa Horobec, Sarah Kennedy
Music composed by Jason Smith
Set in various chilling locations, three dancers explore the world of horror and satire. What happens when one is presented with unusual events? How uncomfortable can one get? Abandonment becomes the common ground that brings these dancers together when working alone. NOTE: Flash warning to viewers, some parts of this film show strobe lighting that could affect certain individuals.

Boombastic by Jullianna Oke
Boombastic is a lighthearted, uplifting film that intends to be a moment where we can step back and laugh a little bit. Additionally, it can serve as a reminder that we can find ways to have fun and be goofy in our own small, isolated spaces.  

non.existence by Teighan Hauff
The film non.existence highlights the strange and predictable world that I am currently trapped in. It provides people with 7 minutes of comedic relief in reference to the telling times.  

What I Talk About When I Talk About Water by Zoe Keijser
Humans have been terrible stewards of the earth and we’re currently in a water crisis. This film is a meditation on water. Water is essential to life, but how often do we stop and just talk about it?

rapid.eye.movement by Camryn Frisk
When things go bump in the night, is it our imaginations running wild, or is it the shadows from the darkest parts of our minds? Caught in between the land of the awake and the world of the sleeping, what kind of monsters creep into our rooms when we are most vulnerable? NOTE: Flash warning to viewers, some parts of this film show strobe lighting that could affect certain individuals.

Posters by Andrea Isea.

December 13, 2020