Poster: Maraya Franca

Next Online: The 4x3 Tragedy of Hamlet

Streaming party Wednesday, April 8, 2020 | 6:00 PM via Zoom

Cast: Bana Biltaji, Garvin Chan, Maraya Franca, Faizal Gowlani, Liane Lee, Abbey Macey, Eve Middleton-Meyer, Sofie Milito, Haylee Turner, Sterling Weran, Jordyn Wood, and Steven 楊翔宇 Yang.

to be or not to be quarantined? /

During a pandemic disaster where everybody is quarantined into virtual isolation, a group of friends/actors/classmates attempt to recreate the iconic Shakespeare play, Hamlet, before boredom and silence eats away at their humanity. /

Watch the full Zoom capture here

April 08, 2020