Resilience XXI

SCA Graduating Dancers & Choreographers
April 24, 2021 | 7:00 PM | Vimeo | FREE

Please join us for an evening of 13 new dance works by SCA student choreographers and dancers, featuring Alex Pickrell, Bronwyn Pollock, Camryn Frisk, Carly DuBreuil, Jade Chong, Jay Gignac, Kenzie Skoglund, Mackenzie Seaborn, Paige McConnell, Sarah U, Shannon Lin, Teighan Hauff, and Ursula Blanchard.  

Resilience XXI will run about 75 minutes, with a 5-minute intermission. After the "live" premiere, the program will stay on Vimeo for a week.

Program Notes

Duration: 5min 30seconds
Choreographer/Editor: Kenzie Skoglund
Dancers: Paige McConnell, Kenzie Skoglund
Cinematographer: Jarod Campbell
Composer/Musician: Sam Meadahl
Choreographer’s Notes: In a sea of personality, there’s never just one.
A special thanks to Jarod Campbell and Sam Meadahl for their collaboration, hard work, and dedication to making this work come to life on screen.

Duration: 7 minutes
Choreographer/Dancer/Filmmaker/Editor: Bronwyn Pollock
Videographer: Camryn Pollock
Composer: Sebastian Ortiz Cruz
Choreographer’s Notes: Solitude explores personal thoughts feeling and experiences which have arisen during the many months of living in quarantine (or isolation). “Avoiding triggers isn’t healing. Healing happens when you are triggered and your able to move through pain, the pattern, and the story - and walking your way to a different ending” – Vienna Pharaon

Fruit Basket
Duration: 4 minutes
Choreographer/Filmmaker: Carly DuBreuil
Dancers: Mackenzie Seaborn, Carly DuBreuil
Composer: Sam Meadahl
Choreographer’s Notes: Just an experiment.

Duration: 5 minutes
Choreographer/Dancer: Sarah U
Filmmaker/ Videographer/ Editor: Valeriya Khan
Music: Deep by SergePavkinMusic, Strung out by Travis Lake
Choreographer’s Notes: Today marks my 966 days in SFU dance and 65 days towards finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts. This piece is dedicated to all my professors, instructors, friends, colleagues, people who have inspired me, encouraged me, challenged me, and helped me along this journey. Thank you!

At the Horizons
Duration: 7 minutes
Choreographer: Ursula Blanchard
Dancers: Alex Pickrell, Ursula Blanchard
Sound: Alex Pickrell, Ursula Blanchard
Choreographer’s Notes: A poem made of excerpts from Homer's "The Odyssey", Emily Dickinson’s "The Moon", Walt Whitman's "A Prairie Sunset" and "Twilight"  and Sylvia Plath's "The Moon and the Yew Tree" as well as some original content. The poem as well as the dance explores themes of duality, within oneself and within the daily patterns, we experience.

This isn’t it … until next time
Duration: 9 minutes
Choreographer/Dancer/Composer/Editor: Teighan Hauff
Filmmaker: Teighan Hauff, Tara MacGregor
Soundscape: SFU students and faulty
Choreographer’s Notes: 3 years...XVIII – XXI


Duration: 4 minutes
Choreographer/Filmmaker/Editor: Carly DuBreuil
Dancers: Jade Chong, Mackenzie Seaborn, Paige McConnell, Kenzie Skoglund
Music: Carly DuBreuil
Choreographer’s Notes: I’ve been fascinated by aspects of the ocean for years and consistently find myself amazed by what we know and what we don’t know about it. I like to think about the ocean having an endless opportunity to be explored, there are layers to it no one has even seen to this day. I try to bring this concept to my dancing, the possibilities are endless. Water is constantly being influenced by outside forces, whether human or environmental, will change how it moves and how energy flows within it. I want to explore qualities that pertain to water in movement creation. Specifically, feeling weightless like you would in water, a calm fluidity, action, and reaction like waves crashing and how they respond, and the idea that we are always moving even if it at a micro-level.

Duration: 4 minutes
Choreographer/Dancer/Editor: Camryn Frisk
Composer/Filmmaker: Sebastian Ortiz Cruz
Sculpture: 217.5 Arc x 13 by Bernar Venet
Choreographer’s Notes: Encaged within the repetition of life, trying to break out of old habits and untie the bounded ropes.

Never Touched
Duration: 4 minutes
Choreographer/Dancer/Filmmaker: Alex Pickrell
Composers/Performers: Aysha Dulong, Cindy Kao
Choreographer’s notes: Silken ribbons pouring from my veins to give, Unaffected by ravenous horrors. To have never been touched in such ways, Would I feel at home in my skin? – Alex Pickrell

And Along Came Tomorrow
Duration: 6 minutes
Choreographer/Dancer: Shannon Lin
Director/Videographer/Editor: Tino Dumec
Music: Varðeldur by Sigur Rós
Choreographer’s Notes: A tribute to my yesterday

Duration: 5 minutes
Choreographer/Performer/Filmmaker: Mackenzie Seaborn
Composer/Filmmaker: Sam Meadahl
Text: Tori Press
Choreographer’s Notes: A change of heart, a change of mind.
NOTE: Please be advised, this piece contains moments of flashing images.

Tide Force
Duration: 7 minutes
Choreographers/Dancers/Editors: Bronwyn Pollock, Camryn Frisk, Shannon Lin
Videographers: Camryn Pollock, Sebastian Ortiz Cruz, Renee Kuang 
Composer: Sebastian Ortiz Cruz
Choreographer’s Notes: The here, there, and everywhere.

April 24, 2021