SCA Film Screenings

FIRST YEAR: April 16 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | YouTube + Zoom Q&A
SECOND YEAR: April 17 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | Twitch + Zoom Q&A
THIRD YEAR: April 22 & 23 | 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM | Vimeo + Q&A on Zoom
FOURTH YEAR: April 30 | 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM | Vimeo

Please join us for a series of FREE screenings by film students from across the program.

FIRST YEAR: April 16 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | YouTube + Zoom Q&A

YouTube Link | Zoom Q&A Link

Featuring films by Katherine Christing, Ramilyn Sagun, Tawan Ploydee, Sophia English, Colleen Bayati, Malcolm Sondrup, Lauren Toporowski, On U (Luke) Chung, Joseph Ku, Angie Yu, Kendra Sue, Evelina Groll, Prapye Srisa-an, Dag Davidge, Patrycja Kamska, Jasmine Bedingfield, Calla Paleczny, Sheriff Jaiteh, and Zach Walde.

1. Katherine Christing – Give the Flashback

An already hectic teenage life turns to chaos after Luca receives a flash drive from her future self in the mail, the very images that scar her develop into an obsession.

2. Ramilyn Sagun – Dinner Plans

The esteemed guests are coming over. However, these two can't seem to agree upon what dishes to present for the evening. Will these mildly indecisive individuals ever come to a conclusive decision, or will their friendship be tested by a seemingly easy task? These two will have to make up their minds, without throwing plates at each other!

3. Tawan Ploydee – The Druid

A writer goes camping to research for a story, and ends up being part of something much more.

4. Sophia English – The Chedster

Chedster has proudly served the role as Elsie's imaginary friend for 15 years. After she gets accepted to university and begins to feel the pressures of growing up, she fires Chedster. Unable to accept his loss, Chedster is determined to get Elsie back no matter the cost.

5. Colleen Bayati – A Flicker of Love

A pyromaniac tries to explain his love of fire to his unsuspecting girlfriend at the risk of her running away in horror

6. Malcolm Sondrup – Life Goes On

When a girl begins to look through old photos and dig deep into her past she then finds things that do not add up. After she accidentally discovers a dark sceret, she starts to question life, what it means to be alive, and whether she is as human as she thought.

7. Lauren Toporowski – death drives a toyota

A man is given a ride by a skeleton.

8. On U (Luke) Chung – Certainly, uncertain

A curious artist spends hours finalizing his project. Frustrated with the results, he goes on a walk and wanders around town but notices a suspicious figure following him. Series of strange but familiar events follow after the appearance of the figure. He’s determined to find out to see if he’s finally going insane or not.

9. Joseph Ku – Why Did It Die?

In 1986 Downtown Vancouver, Elliot, a 22 year old student who is moments away from taking his own life by jumping from a building is suddenly saved by a stranger who quickly pulls him to safety. The stranger then takes him to a restaurant, where they discuss tragedy, loss, dejection, and nihilism.

10. Angie Yu – Reciepts

A man on the run struggles to catch up with his own identity in his race to get away. His battles with existentialism and the traces of his existence come to the surface as his reality begins to dissociate.


11. Kendra Sue – the presence of a good thing

In a woman’s quiet home, strange occurrences make her question if she’s truly alone. As this guest makes their way further into her life, she realizes there’s worse things than being haunted.

12. Evelina Groll – Wash It Out

While washing her hair, a young secret service agent replays a recent meeting in her mind, trying to figure out who stole a confidential photo, endangering a government asset.

13. Prapye Srisa-an – Hot Size

During a hot summer afternoon nap, a boy finds himself in a bended and twisted reality. What will it take to get him out?

14. Dag Davidge – late winter, early spring

On the precipice of a new season, Milo struggles to decide whether or not to go on a date.

15. Patrycja Kamska – Crevasse

Exploring the transformative power of dance against a prehistoric and subterranean place that speaks to the unconscious.

16. Jasmine Bedingfield – PIGGY

Two young women conduct a funeral in their apartment, mourning a dead pet fish and the bad habits that grief their friendship.

17. Calla Paleczny – The Fans Are Leaving

Three struggling musicians, working a day job making donuts in a church basement, attempt to find belonging in the music scene and with each other.

18. Sheriff Jaiteh – Baiy

Es wakes up to a voicemail from his dead beat father trying to reconnect with him. Initially reluctant, he is suddenly stricken by a feeling of ambivalence as he spends more time thinking about the opportunity.

19. Zach Walde – Astrobot

A software engineering student invents a high-tech artificial intelligence for vehicle computers. When he tries to install it however, he loses control, and the a.i. takes over the vehicle, causing it to take off with him still inside. He doesn’t survive the experiment, and the newly conscious vehicle flexes its new muscles by stalking a group heading to a party nearby, as the rest file inside, one member lingers outside to take a phone call. She proceeds to start strolling down the nearby sidewalk, before the van swoops in, consuming her too. The next day, shockingly, our dead software engineer emerges from the vehicle in a clashing mismatched mashup of the two victims outfits. Wires emerge from the back of his head, and he appears to be under computer control. The a.i. uses him to break into two other cars, and we see him uploading it to their computers. Together, the three vehicles start pack hunting students at SFU with no clear end in sight.

SECOND YEAR: April 17 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM | Twitch + Zoom Q&A

Twitch Link | Zoom Q&A

Featuring films by Bianca Rose Cheung, Amélia Simard, Beau Han Bridge, Gabriel Ordóñez & Thiago Goldbach, Ayana Madi, Amanda Blake, Matilda Lauze, Clementine Bardonner, Vicente Villarroel, John Bunning, Ricardo Gutiérrez, Rio Huenemann, Kim Cleroux, Audrey Kerridge, and Kevin Kim.

Bianca Rose Cheung – I Can Hardly Speak (10 mins)

Amélia Simard – Currents (9.50 mins)

Beau Han Bridge – Beneath a Rougher Sea (12 mins)

Gabriel Ordóñez & Thiago Goldbach – Zoochosis (10 mins)

Ayana Madi – Little Things (7 mins)

Amanda Blake – The Girl with the Glowing Orb (7 mins)

Matilda Lauze – The Fate of the Nihilistic Boy (3 mins)

Clementine Bardonner – The Twisted Fate of the Moonchild (7-8 mins)

Vicente Villarroel – Catching Light (15 mins)

John Bunning – Dreamscene (7 mins)

Ricardo Gutiérrez – Grey (6 mins)

Rio Huenemann – Pigeons (4 mins)

Kim Cleroux – TBA (6 mins)

Audrey Kerridge – TBA (8 mins)

Kevin Kim – Streets (6 mins)

THIRD YEAR: April 22 & 23 | 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM | Vimeo + Q&A on Zoom

VOID WORLD: A Third Year Film Screening

April 22 Link | April 23 Link

Featuring films by Dalia Hatalova, Peter Lee & Serena Yue, Kenna Clifford, Ruva Marikano, Acacia Nikiel, Fegor Obuwoma, Rashi Sethi, Ivar Swanson, Santiago Araujo Henderson, Cathy Huynh, Katya Shyyan, Niall Creegan, Chiraag Matthew, Gulizar Kurbanmagomedova, Valeriya Khan & Anastasiia Itkina, Minghui Li, and Natali Karajeh.  

April 22 Program

Dalia Hatalova – Searching for Nicola

The natural aesthetic of Canada's wilds unites a film that oscillates between a story of two women escaping into Yukon and the filmmaker's struggle to create that fictional narrative in British Columbia.

Gulizar Kurbanmagomedova – Escapism

continuous run from reality

Natali Karajeh – Muftah Sitti (My Grandmothers Keys)

The stories and memories of Palestinian women who have settled in Jordan.

Katya Shyyan – grit

A sensory exploration of the beach through several mediums. Getting close and personal with the space around us.

Santiago Araujo Henderson – Studio Spaced Season: Welcome to the Snail Verse

Yeah, that's right! It's Studio Spaced. Grace X and her spaceship, will take you away.

Peter Lee & Serena Yue – Meguro

A pair of filmmakers seek out to archive experiences and retellings of memories.

Ruva Marikano – Who We Are

This documentary is about topics surrounding black lives matter and the black experience through interviews with 5 women.

Q&A with the filmmakers, moderated by Fegor Obuwoma

April 23 Program

Fegor Obuwoma – In Memory Of Who We Were

A film about remembering and also forgetting.

Rashi Sethi – Watching Grass Grow

An atmospheric film that goes on a drift, capturing the little peculiarities of the outside world.

Cathy Huynh – Caleidoscope

An intimate glimpse into the lives of two sisters.

Minghui Li – Wu Ming (無明)

A film about a filmmaker's own understanding of Yin and Yang.

Ivar Swanson – Sneed

It's just another late night for twitch celebrity Sneed, until one of his followers takes things a little too far...

Acacia Nikiel – Still, Life

Life changes from moving to stilled but still life is still, life. Also a depiction of my mental state through these life changes and through milk.

Kenna Clifford – Lets Pretend We Aren't Just Skeletons

Valeriya Khan & Anastasiia Itkina – In a Year or Two

a film about utilizing daily drinking habits into eccentric (but not really) furniture. or is it?

Q&A with the filmmakers, moderated by Dalia Hatalova

FOURTH YEAR: April 30 | 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM | Vimeo


Featuring films by Gracie Berger-Poll, Ambiel Liu, Ubair Shaheen, Amir El Ezaby, Amber Nordstrand, Garnet Tyler & Rowan Landaiche, Stefan Kowalski, Paras Rathi, and Max Gross.

Gracie Berger-Poll – Time Travel With Gracie

Ambiel Liu – A Cube of Sugar

Ubair Shaheen – Now Kill It

Amir El Ezaby – Capital Time Machines

Amber Nordstrand – Swoon

Garnet Tyler & Rowan Landaiche – Esteemed Taxi

Stefan Kowalski – Hwæt

Paras Rathi – Love in Quarantine

Max Gross – Catching Up With Saturn

Anthony Lee – Fading Something Ah

April 30, 2021