SCA MFA Open House

November 16 | 5PM
SCA Visual Art Studios | 611 Alexander St. 
Room 4390 – SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts | 149 West Hastings St.

The SCA MFA OPEN HOUSE will begin at 5pm at the SCA Visual Art Studios at 611 Alexander St., directly after Can Opener, the 1st year MFA collaborative showcase. We will return to SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts for presentations from our graduate program chair and a current MFA student, a tour of the buidling’s facilities, and a Q&A period about the program and the application process. You are welcome and encouraged to attend Can Opener beforehand, which starts at 3pm.

Accessing the SCA Visual Art Studios at 611 Alexander St.: You will see an SFU sign at street level above a double door leading to a stairwell. Take the stairs to the 3rd floor, go through 2 doors and take a left. You will see a well signed entrance to the studio. If anybody requires an elevator, it is located inside the giant blue pencil shaped spire that you will see on the outside of the building. There is an entrance to the building next to the elevators which you need to use to get to the elevator. Take the elevator to 3, take a left at the landing, another left at the main hallway, and follow the hall until you get to the SCA Visual Art Studios entrance.

For more information about the SCA's MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies program, go please HERE.

November 16, 2018