Tales From the Square

Joey Zaurrini’s MFA Project
Friday, January 21, 2022 | 9:30 AM | Zoom

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Tales From the Square is an online soundmap of Victory Square, a city square located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The map itself was created with acrylic on canvas; the icons were drawn by hand with ink and coloured digitally; the font used is a template of the artist’s own hand-writing; and the work was coded in Javascript by the artist himself. Each icon represents an object worn or held by square frequenters, or an animal or insect seen within the square. Upon clicking an icon, a field recording of the square begins playing, and a title appears on the screen. After the title of the story enters and leaves, the user is invited to read the story, choosing the pace by clicking green arrows to either move forward or backward. Upon finishing the story, the user is then invited to return back to the map and click another icon. Through an eclectic mix of observations, musings and conclusions about time, space and people, the artist seeks to illustrate the everythingness of Victory Square, a square he lived in front of for 3 years during his graduate studies at Simon Fraser University.

January 21, 2022