Jennifer Aoki and dancers – photo by Andi McLeish

Dance Lab 2019

Olivia Shaffer – photo by Yvonne Chew

The SCA's Dance Lab participants for 2019 are Jennifer Aioki, Olivia Shaffer, and Siobhan Sloane-Seale. The SCA Dance Lab is an opportunity for our dance alumni to have a chance to process new and past work in our studios during the summer semester without the pressure of a final showing or performance. Here's some text from two the participants about what they're planning to work on during their time here:

Jennifer Aoki

During the lab, Aoki will be working on two projects. In the first part of the lab, she will be working on a project that explores our individual connectedness to Japanese culture. Dance artists Shion Carter, Tomoyo Yamada, Karin Kato and herself will be researching the themes of identity, preservation and connectedness with Japanese culture for a new work. They all come from different backgrounds and they will be exploring the Japanese history they have in their bodies. In the second part of the lab, Aoki will be working with choreographer Jenn Edwards to prepare their eclectic triple-bill show, Conduit, for the upcoming Vancouver Fringe Festival in Sept 2019. 

Olivia Shaffer

This studio time will be instrumental in the development of my solo dance piece, Sénescence, that will be presented by New Works at the ANNEX theatre in Vancouver, November 16 + 17, 2019. The work explores the deterioration of the mind and body that comes with aging, particularly with diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, which slowly rob a person’s independence and identity. It also examines the taxing and often unexpected role put onto loved ones who take on the role of caregiver. Driven by my personal experience facing my father’s progressing dementia, this work expresses the tragic yet universal suffering of the human spirit, which touches all of us. This piece uses movement and text, in collaboration with sound by Alex Mah, to offer the audience an opportunity to undergo a ceremonial processing of both our private losses, as well as a collective acceptance of our impermanence.

Looking forward to seeing you in the halls!