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Welcome to the online application form for the different program areas in the School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA).

Part 1 of the form (this page) asks for your name and contact information, information about the program area and term you're applying for, and your current education level. After submitting part one, you'll be automatically directed to part 2 of the form on another page, which lets you upload the necessary documents the program area you're applying for requires. Please review the different SCA program area's specific application requirements and deadlines on our Undergraduate page before you begin.


All prospective students must apply to SFU prior to applying to the SCA. These are two separate processes – (1) applying to SFU and (2) applying to the SCA – that must be done in order. Shortly after you fill out the SFU Admissions form, you'll be given a 9-digit reference number (eg. 303333333), which you'll also need to apply to the SCA.

You can find SFU's Admissions Requirements HERE

You can Apply to SFU online HERE

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SCA's New Students Advisor at

Fall 2023 - SCA Application Form: Part 1

Cohort based (Fall term start)

The programs the SCA offers in DanceFilm, Music & SoundTheatre PerformanceTheatre Production & DesignVisual Art, and Art, Performance & Cinema Studies are cohort based. This means that students work with the same group or cohort of students for (usually) four years, starting in the Fall term of each year. For this reason, our entry process is limited to Fall term (September) entry for our Majors. Though SFU can admit you for the Spring term, and we can find some useful courses for you to take, we are not able to accept portfolios or questionnaires or run auditions for Spring term (January) entry.

If you have any questions about starting classes in the Spring or Summer, please contact the SCA's New Students Advisor at

Documents necessary for your application

Please review the different SCA program area's specific application requirements, necessary documents, and deadlines on our Undergraduate page before you begin. The following documents will be required on Part 2 of this form.

Please submit all your required documents and images as ONE PDF using this naming scheme:

lastname_firstname_programarea_semester_year (e.g. smith_jim_music_fall_2023)

IMPORTANT: If you already completed Part 1 and just need to submit your documents, please proceed directly to Part 2

You should have applied to SFU prior to this process. IF you don't know your SFU Student Number, please enter your application number. For Post-Secondary applicants who don't have an SFU student #, answer "Post Sec"
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