Apply to the SCA

Welcome to the online application form for the different program areas in the School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA).


You need to gain admission to both SFU and SCA to start in the Major. If you haven't applied to SFU yet, you can do so HERE.

High-School Applicants (including Mature Students): Apply to SFU before submitting the SCA supplementary application. You do not need to be admitted to SFU prior to applying to SCA. After applying to SFU, you will be given a 9-digit reference number (e.g. 303333333) - you will need this number to submit the SCA supplementary application.

Post-Secondary/Transfer Applicants: You can apply to SCA prior to submitting your SFU application. You do not need to be admitted to SFU before applying to SCA. For the 9-digit reference number, please put 909000000 - this will identify you as a post-secondary/transfer applicant.

Fall 2024 - SCA Application Form

Please fill out Part 1 of the form by providing your name, contact information, program area of interest and education level. After submitting Part 1, you will be directed to Part 2 of the form where you upload the supplementary application for the program area you are applying to.

Please review the different SCA Areas' specific application requirements, documents, and deadlines on our Undergraduate page before you begin. You are required to submit the Area questionnaire on Part 2 of this form.

IMPORTANT: If you already completed Part 1, please proceed directly to Part 2

If you don't know your SFU student number, please enter your application number. For Post-Secondary applicants who DON'T HAVE an SFU student number, use "909000000".
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