Eihu Lane Canvas Corridor | Call for artwork

Photo courtesy of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

Following the creation of Alley Oop and Ackery’s Alley, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association’s third laneway transformation project is Canvas Corridor, which will transform the doors in two-block section of Eihu Lane between Burrard and Bute Streets.

Canvas Corridor is designed to provide artists with a public opportunity to showcase their work. In partnership with the Robson Street Business Association (RSBA), Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT), SFU Vancouver, the City of Vancouver, and the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, approximately 50 lane-facing doors within Eihu Lane, will become an outdoor art walk, showcasing the work of SCA artists. 

Project timeline

April 5 – May 27, 2019 Interested artists are invited to submit up to three pieces of their artwork to be considered for the project. 

May 31, 2019 SCA reviews submitted artwork

June 21, 2019 Property owners have selected artwork for their door(s) and agreements are signed

June/July Application Requirements sent to City of Vancouver, artwork sent to be printed on vinyl, door frames painted, info panel ordered

July/Aug Installation complete (weather dependent) and public launch

Goals of the project

  • To enhance the public space along Eihu Lane and contribute to the overall vibrancy of downtown public spaces
  • To create an opportunity to incorporate public art into a laneway that is free and accessible to all
  • To support local, emerging artists and designers by displaying  their artwork for 3 to 5 years
  • To transform back lane doors into works of art and encourage people to explore public spaces

Who is eligible to submit their artwork through this call?

  • Current SFU School for the Contemporary Arts students
  • SFU School for the Contemporary Arts alumni

Project components 

  • Door Wraps- Artwork will be printed on vinyl with an anti-graffiti laminate coating and applied to the exterior side of the identified alley doors. There are a variety of door sizes in Eihu Lane with approximate dimensions including: single (36”x84”), double (72”x84”), triple (108”x72”), and extra-wide (size varies). One piece of artwork will be matched with an entire doorway, whether it’s a single, double, or triple etc. 
  • Door Frames- Each door frame will be painted black to create a consistent look and feel
  • Information Panel -An information panel will be installed next to each wrapped door to identify the artist and artwork title

If your artwork is selected

  • Artists whose work is selected will receive a one-time artist fee of $500 for each image of artwork selected for the project. The artist fee is for the use of the image only and does not assume ownership of the original artwork.
  • Artists will be asked to provide provide a print-ready file of the artwork and a signed agreement.  
  • As artwork is matched with a door, the DVBIA will submit the required information (location details, artist info, artwork statement, and rendering) to the City of Vancouver to initiate the approvals process. 
  • Once approved by the City, the door frame will be painted, the artwork will be sent to be printed on vinyl, and an information panel will be ordered. Installation of the door wraps is anticipated to occur in July 2019.

Artwork details

  • Each artist can submit up to three images of three different works to be considered for this project. Artists can potentially have all three of their submitted pieces chosen and used in the project. 
  • Only original artwork will be considered for the project. Artists should not submit artwork they do not own or submit artwork on another’s behalf.
  • The single and double doors have a portrait orientation, the larger pull-up bay doors are approximately square in their dimensions and the triple door is the only one with a landscape orientation. When submitting artwork for consideration, artists should take this into account. Artwork may need to be cropped to fit the door it is chosen for.
  • There is no specific theme for the artwork, so artists are asked to submit artwork of all styles and techniques. Above all, we are looking for a variety of artwork that will bring life, colour, and visual interest to Eihu Lane.

For more information, please contact Kim Hockey at or 778-782-2131.


Some small print

SFU School for the Contemporary Arts and the DVBIA reserve the right to accept or reject any submitted artwork. Artwork that contains content considered inappropriate or indecent will not be accepted. Disqualifying content includes nudity, sexual content, images of violence, or polarizing designs (political messages, racial insensitivity, etc.).

Artwork submitted but not selected will not be used for any other applications or projects without the artist’s consent. Artists whose work is not selected will not receive a fee.

All artwork is digitally printed on vinyl and given that this is not artwork replication printing, some colour variation may occur in the final printed version of the artwork.