Ascension 2020

December 11, 2020 | 6:45 PM open / 7:00 PM start| Twitch live stream
December 12 – 30, 2020, on Twitch and Vimeo

Ascension is a student-led interdisciplinary showcase between Dance, Music, Film, and Theatre Production & Design. Returning this year for its 9th iteration, Ascension moves digitally as we showcase film-based works in an online format.



Having a backbone is representative of someone who is strong within themselves and their values. While some of us may have grown backbones in relation to certain circumstances, there was once a time where we lacked this, where we were vulnerable. Through choreography and light, the journey of attaining a backbone through this vulnerability is depicted.


Choreographer & Director: Jullianna Oke
Cinematographer & Editor: Beau Han Bridge
Music Composer: Christopher Giles


Puzzle is a group piece that features dancers in Mexico, Ontario, and Vancouver. We work across borders, explore the individuality and identity of each dancer, and how we fit or do not fit to others.


Choreographer: Sarah U (she/her) in collaboration with dancers
Dancer: Myah McCarthy (she/her)
Dancer: Jay Gignac (he/him)
Dancer: Zaarah Ibarra Lopez (she/her)
Dancer: Sarah Kennedy (she/her)
Dancer: Rose Lynn (she/her)
Musician/Composer: Erlynn Garcia (she/her)
Videographer: Finka Lai (she/her), Lucas Rojen (he/him)
Editor: Finka Lai (she/her), Sarah U (she/her)

Snack Pack to Reality

Remember those old Yop commercials from the early 2000's? Yeah. Like that.

Also thank you so much to my amazing collaborators, this never could have happened without every single one of you.

Credits: Choreographer/Director: Jay Gignac
Music: Will Zorzos
Dancers: Jay Gignac, Jaqueline Ritter, Alexandra Pickrell
Film Consultant: Bianca Cheung
Editor: Like Chung


"The very fact that my body is solid and real and here proves that I exist. But, I have memories floating around in my head, and I have feelings spinning around in my chest, and I have emotions stretching across my skin and I can't help but wonder if those things exist."  – Natalia Martineau

"I know that I am fleeting, temporal. But how could I look up at the stars and ask for more than infinity to be given to me, when infinity is in the palm of my hand when I hold the hand of someone I love?" – Rose Lynn

"Our place in the universe I feel is always exactly where we are, so when I think of my "higher self" right now I really am just thinking about myself. I try not to separate my mind, body and spirituality." – Ursula Blanchard


Director: Amélia Simard
Choreographer: Alexandra Pickrell
Composer: Aysha Dulong
Musician: Cindy Kao
Director of Photography: Peter Lee
Art Assistant: Cathy Huynh
Dancer: Rose Lynn
Dancer: Natalia Martineau
Dancer: Ursula Blanchard


A spontaneous mixed-medium exploration of the architectures, forms, and textures in Alberta through the lens of a digital reality.


Choreographers/Dancers: Shannon Lin and Teighan Hauff
Editor: Amanda Blake
Composer: Rohini Soedhwa
Cinematographers: Tara Macgregor and MacKinna Hauff

The Comfort of a Lie

Let us toss within 

A wave that will never break. 

Hug the ebb and flow


Director: Kevin Kiju Kim
Choreographer/Performer: Anja Graham
Composer/ Moral Support: Sebastian Ortiz Cruz
Film consultant / AD / Moral Support: Colin Williscroft
Cinematographer: Peter C.S. Lee
Assistant Camera: Valeryia Khan  

Production Team

Dance Coordinator: Camryn Frisk
Music Coordinator: Daniel Blackie
Film Coordinator: Bianca Rose Cheung
Technical Director: Christian Ching

Faculty mentors

Rob Kitsos, Sophia Wolfe, and Mauricio Pauly

Presented by the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts


Editor: Luke Chung
Music: Aysha Dulong, Cindy Kao, Ben Berardini

December 30, 2020