Scent Trails: Seeking small-scale art objects

Call for works! Attention SCA students!  

The Couch is seeking submissions of small-scale art objects to respond to the idea of Scent Trails.

Art objects can include: sculptures, photographs, paintings, zines, and more! This is The Couch’s first iteration, and will be installed during the BFA graduating show at SFU Galleries’ Audain Gallery (April 14 – 23, 2022).

Scent Trails — Pheromone trails extending from home to food sources. A way for ants to recognize family and to communicate between one another.

Submissions due March 25, 2022.

Please send to Debbie C and Sena Cleave:

  • your name & contact info
  • up to 5 images of your art object
  • artwork dimensions (max 25x25x25cm)
  • a 100-150 word description of your artwork and how it relates to Scent Trails OR a 1-3min video or voice recording

Selected artworks must be delivered to 611 Alexander Street, Vancouver by April 12, 2022.

About The Couch

The Couch is a mobile art space that draws on the homemaking practices of carpenter ants to platform the work of emerging artists. Carpenter ants chew faults into human infrastructures to build their own homes, but an infestation alone cannot demolish a building. Instead, the ants uncover the foundations by disturbing surface elements like window sills or baseboards. When The Couch is installed within a gallery, it carves out space for artists that the institution did not invite, thus infesting the gallery. Consisting of a couch and a coffee table, The Couch hosts gatherings that merge art and daily life. The furniture is modular so it can be packed and moved to another site, where the next group of exhibiting artists will recontextualize it. If any part of this call poses challenges — including the transportation of artwork, writing about your art, and preparing the files to submit — please reach out and we will be happy to discuss accommodations!

March 25, 2022